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About Air-Venture

At Air-Venture Precision Airguns, Our "goodluck" icon we simply call "SHOOTER". Drawn free hand by Tom Fitzgerald, circa 1984, We have an unspoken affinity for the little guy. Originally, Tom had "SHOOTER" letting go at a rat eating a bit of cheese.

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We've been active in American Silhouette competition since April of 1983, and British Field Target competition from the beginning. In March of 1986, after receiving a phone call from the publisher of Airgun News and Report, Gary Cobb, who asked us to set up a "shoot" for a group of English Airgun Shooters that would be on Holiday in August that year, the Air-Venture Airguns principles, Tom and Sylvia Fitzgerald and Bob Newman, sat down and created the 1st International Field Target Championships. That first air rifle FT Championship held on American soil was the beginning of what is FT Championship competition in the U.S. today, thanks to Jerry Thomas once of World Class Airguns whom we had invited to that first great shoot. Jerry brought the idea to a small group of airgun shooters in Florida who eventually made the 1st International the blueprint for all successive AAFTA shoots in the U.S..
The International Field Target Championships ran for seven years and provided a lot of airgun shooters with the finest of competitive air rifle shooting this side of what the English refer to as the Herring Pond.

Our mom & pop style retail (discount) airgun store was one of the first Beeman Company 5 Star dealers and we were foremost in bringing the Sports match GC2 PCP air rifle to the U.S.. By the way, our Service Manager, was factory trained for this the Rolls Royce of pneumatics and we were very dismayed when its manufacture ended in 1993. Though we have not been competing in the thrill of Airgun competition for some time now, we are always looking for a top flight Airgun facility where we can ply our Airgun shooting skills with our good customers once again. For now we will be content to pass on the secrets of the expert air gun shooting community to those good customers of ours wanting to get the most from the Airgun shooting experience.

As always,

Have fun, and … Shoot Safe!