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SHORT NOTICE VERY SPECIAL SECOND EVENT NOTICE FROM THE FERGUSONS Please notify us again the same way we requested in Notice 1. Thanks ADDITIONAL EVENTS FOR TODAY, Saturday, August 6, 2011 The MacKinney Avenue Contemporary Art Space's Annual Membership Show from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. It is open to everyone and has free admission, free excellent catered food from four restaurants (come early, it goes fast), free drinks, including special blue punch (for adults only, of course), free live music, and the piece de resistance, an exhibition of member's who want to participate works (yesterday there were around 180 works--all on the theme Meltdown (any kind of meltdown). I finally entered a piece. Look for me in a long black-and-white dress with a peace sign necklace, : I'd love to meet you (and greet everyone else I already know. The MAC is located at 3120 MacKinney and ... in Uptown, and it is very, very blue. Yesterday I saw a shadow of a moving gorilla on the front wall. The MAC is on the east side of MacKinney next to a 7-11-type store, next to the trolley barn and Cafe Express. If the parking lot is full, try parking in the back of the building on the street by the cemetery. I would suggest exiting at the Hall exit, but if you pass that, take Ross west to Pearl (turn north (right) at the red Catholic Cathedral, cross over Woodall Rogers and turn east (right) at MacKinney (the Crescent will be right in front of you as you turn), and go on up MacKinney to the MAC on your right (this drive provides a picturesque view of Uptown). Hope to see you there. At 7:30 p.m. when the show is over consider driving the short distance back to Central and Live Oak to the Latino Cultural Center at 2600 Live Oak for Caminos del Inka (Inka Trail, a multimedia musical journey, that takes the viewer on a musical journey along the Inca Trail that connects Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. You can't miss the vibrant colors of the building--lots of purple. I'll be there if I can still get tickets. Same black-and-white dress. Hope you can make it. We need to defy the heat with a little heat of our own!--Betty Jane--Update: online sales have ended, buy your tickets at the door, but come early as the 6 pm performance is already sold out and it is a small intimate venue. I think I will drop by this afternoon to get ours. See ya there! Caminos Del Inka Logo Saturday, August 6 at 6 and 8 p.m. Latino Cultural Center 2600 Live Oak Street, Dallas, TX 75204 WRR is excited to present the Caminos del Inka Chamber Ensemble at the Latino Cultural Center on Saturday, Aug. 6. Caminos del Inka is a multimedia experience that takes the viewer on a musical journey along the Inca Trail that connects Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Caminos Del Inka LogoCaminos del Inka was conceived by Maestro Miguel Harth-Bedoya of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra to share the rich tradition of South American music utilizing the intimate and pure experience of chamber music. Under Harth-Bedoya's leadership, the group has become a forerunner in elevating South American chamber and music for small ensembles not traditionally heard in concerts halls and captured on recordings. This is definitely a not-to-be-missed musical event. Two performances are scheduled: a 6 p.m. performance where children under 15 are invited FREE with an adult, and a second 8 p.m. performance. Tickets to both concerts are only $15 each with a $3 discount for Friends of WRR members, Friends of the LCC, seniors and members of the military. Because of the intimate nature of the Latino Cultural Center's theater, we do anticipate tickets to go quickly. Go to for more information about the ensemble, including video previews of the performance.


We are trying out a very special web-blast to get this information out to as many people as we can as quickly as we can, and because we maintain and update the actual sites for Movie, Cultural Arts, and Gifted Children's SIG'S (with a new SIG--Healthy Lifestyles--going up this weekend), we would like to see how effective this web-blast format is.  We will not be sending it out on our Movie SIG email list because these members signed up for movie information only.  Please help us out here by emailing if you see this article (or the second one sent about an hour from now on the main North Texas Mensa  homepage at today because we are trying to find out how effective this approach is. Please use for a subject line, "I saw the article," and let us know which article(s) you saw and where you saw it and how you saw it (in your car, home, etc).  Thanks, very much.--Betty Jane Ferguson. p.s.  More Cultural Arts events for today will be posted in about an hour!  Check back later.  We are trying to be at as many of these events as possible:  5:30-7:30 free MacKinney Avenue Contemporary Art Space's annual Membership Exhibition and Party.  Free admission, free food and drink catered (always excellent), musical entertainment, AND an exhibition of member's work.  The theme is Meltdown (any kind).  [I even have a piece being exhibited (I'll be wearing a long black and white dress with a peace sign necklace), and I would love to me you.]  After the MAC (on MacKinney), slide over to Live Oak and the Latino Cultural Center for the 8 p.m. for a multipedia-experience along the Inca Trail. $15, with various $3 discounts.  What a special day in Dallas.  Cultural Arts SIG is b-a-c-k!



Looking at Caterpillars Festival Fun

Caterpillars Festival Fun

August 6, 2011 10am - 2pm

Butterflies and Bugs! Second Annual Family Festival

Looking at Caterpillars Festival Fun

We’re all about butterflies, but we don’t want visitors to miss out on the other bugs! We’ve added more insects to celebrate at our second annual Butterflies and Bugs! Festival Aug. 6, 2011.

Join us all day for educational booths, live and preserved insect displays, bug-themed art, face painting, children’s activities and more! Dale Clark with the Dallas County Lepidopterist’s Society will be on hand to talk about butterflies. Susan and Brandon Pollard with the Texas Honeybee Guild will show off nature’s other pollinators. We’ll have select butterfly host and nectar plants on sale, as well as information on how to start your own butterfly garden.

Back by popular demand, the Mecca and Martin Good Humor Band will play show stoppers like the "Roach Rap" and all-time favorites like "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "The Ants Go Marching" and more.

When: Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cost: Free with paid Butterfly House Admission! Admission is $8/adults, $6/seniors 60+, and $4/children 3-11. Free for children under 3.

Butterfly Specimens


10 am to 2 pm – Educational booths, live and preserved insect displays, crafts, art and more! Everything is inside, in air -conditioning.
11 am to noon – Butterfly House Tour. Go on a guided tour of the Butterfly House with entomologist John Watts
Noon – Butterfly Talk and release in the Butterfly House. Learn all about these fascinating flying creatures with John Watts as he releases newly emerged butterflies into the butterfly house.


Please forgive the slight repetition here.  There is new information about another event at the end.--bj

We’re all about butterflies, but we don’t want visitors to miss out on the other bugs! We’ve added more insects to celebrate at our second annual Butterflies and Bugs! Festival Aug. 6, 2011.

Join us all day for educational booths, live and preserved insect displays, bug-themed art, face painting, children’s activities and more! Dale Clark with the Dallas County Lepidopterist’s Society will be on hand to talk about butterflies. Susan and Brandon Pollard with the Texas Honeybee Guild will show off nature’s other pollinators. We’ll have select butterfly host and nectar plants on sale, as well as information on how to start your own butterfly garden.

Back by popular demand, the Mecca and Martin Good Humor Band will play show stoppers like the "Roach Rap" and all-time favorites like "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "The Ants Go Marching" and more.

When: Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cost: Free with paid Butterfly House Admission! Admission is $8/adults, $6/seniors 60+, and $4/children 3-11. Free for children under 3.
Butterfly Specimens


10 am to 2 pm – Educational booths, live and preserved insect displays, crafts, art and more! Everything is inside, in air -conditioning.
11 am to noon – Butterfly House Tour. Go on a guided tour of the Butterfly House with entomologist John Watts
Noon – Butterfly Talk and release in the Butterfly House. Learn all about these fascinating flying creatures with John Watts as he releases newly emerged butterflies into the butterfly house.


WRR will be broadcasting live at Bachendorf's from 1-3 in the village on the southeast corner of Northwest Highway and Preston.  It should be a kickoff of their new season (you could only hear about this by listening to WRR--call Bachmandorf's at (214) 692-8400 for their exact address for your navigation system).  I've been before and there were lots of freebees and snacks, but be sure to arrive early for them.

About Us Events Resources

Welcome to the North Texas Mensa Children's Page for the North Texas Mensa Gifted Children's Program!  This page was created in 2006 by Betty Jane Ferguson and she updates it.  It is a work to be expanded as we go along.  We put up resources first because we knew they would be of immediate use to parents, grandparents, and gifted children.  Please send any comments or questions about the site to Betty Jane at (I was NTM Gifted Children's Coordinator for about six years and now serve on the National Gifted Children's Committee.)

The 2008 North Texas Mensa Gifted Children's Coordinator is Bill Rock.  Please contact him at any questions you might have about the NTM Gifted Children's Program or questions about your child.

The North Texas Mensa Gifted Children's Program is for children who are Mensa members, children and grandchildren of Mensa members, and other gifted children in the North Texas area who might benefit from the Gifted Children's Program.  We provide an opportunity for gifted children to meet and do things with other gifted children and to be supported by older Mensa members who also were once gifted children themselves. We also offer support to their parents and grandparents.  We provide interesting activities (usually at no cost) for the children to do together and with their parents. The children range in age from 3 to 18.  We have activities for both all the children together and also for separate age groups, such as the teens, the tweens, and the youngest, as events are suggested.  Children suggest what they would like to do and we help them make it happen. Admittedly we sometimes throw in our activities as well. NTM Children have redesigned this website, started a local Teen SIG, helped to start a National Teen SIG for American Mensa, served on the NTM Election Committee, served on the NTM Board of Directors, worked the KERA public television fundraiser, submitted poetry to the website, had many good times, and found many new friends, both young and old in North Texas Mensa.  I have watched as these friendships continued on after high school.  If you want to know more, please contact Bill.--bj  

People often ask what kind of events they can do with their children.  In our group children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  This way the parent gets to spend time with the child, and they also get to meet and talk to other parents of gifted children.  Teens at times like to be with everybody (they do relate to what the younger children are going through), but, then again, they also like to do things just with other teenagers.  Until the teens are sixteen and can drive themselves they still very much need their parents' support to come to events.  Sometimes the teens do activities within the Gifted Children's Program, with everyone or just with other teens.  At other times, they have the ability to participate in Teen SIG, both locally and nationally.  Our GCC will assist them,  if requested, and encourage them in this endeavor.  There are other local Teen SIGs around the country, and many of the teens get together and program what they want to do in their local groups and at Regional Gatherings and at the national Annual Gathering, held in a different city each year.  If you are just starting up a group or have had one for a long time, do not be discouraged:  an event might have just two children or it might have a lot more.  If only one child comes, the whole event is worth it and you have made a difference in a child's life,.in my humble opinion. Also you will never forget many things the children teach you like they taught me:  the 4 or 5-year old who pointed at the map of India and astounded the guide at the Trammel Crow Asian Art Museum, saying  "It looks a lot like Texas!" and the 5-year old who could not be torn away from the shrimp giving birth to almost imperceptible baby shrimp that no one else noticed, but that he wanted everyone in the Dallas Aquarium to see.  You might never join NTM, but I'm putting up this list and I recommend you seek out the other fun opportunities to do with your children in the resource section.  I also remember a family I had never met who emailed me, wanting to tell me about the wonderful summer they spent together because of something they had read that I had recommended and they just thought I would like to know and to thank me.  No, thank you for making my summer! --bj
NTM Children's events:

Dec 25th 8 AM to noon, 
Holiday delivery for Meals on Wheels Christmas meal delivery to shut ins is all-volunteers.  We have 2 routes reserved right now; wife and I are both experienced MOW drivers, join in the event if you would like, or take a route of your own.  Location: VNA center at 1440 Mockingbird and across the Metroplex.   Contact me and we’ll work out the details.

Saturday, Nov 14 1PM 
Gifted Children Games/Parents meeting.  Come talk about what you want out of the GC program.  There have been people wanting to form sub groups (9 year olds...) this is a chance exchange info with others.  Games for the children (or bring your favorites), swings/park/exploring across the street.    At the home of Bill and Ellen Rock, 701 Victorian  Dr, Allen (Mapsco 560K)

Saturday, Oct 17 10 AM

 White Rock Lake Artists’ Studio Tour    Meet at the entrance of the Bathhouse Cultural Center, 521 E. Lawther Dr. Dallas (mapsco 37H).   See some of the over 30 home studios open for tours around the lake.   Painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalworking and more. for more details.

Saturday, October 24 2009, 9:00am - 3:00pm
Dallas BEST Robotics Competition, UTD Activity Center. Directions From Central Expressway (US 75) Take the Campbell Road exit and go west to University Parkway (between Floyd Road and Waterview Parkway). Turn north on University Parkway. Turn left on Drive A to Activity Center on your left. This is a local competition with student-built robots competing head-to-head in the game "High Octane" I will be working the event, so I will try to meet you when I can.

Saturday 19 Sept 10 AM - 1:00 PM  TBD  Contact Bill Rock

Saturday 15 Aug 10 AM GC go to the Farmer's Market.  Come see what's in season, taste locally grown food from the Dallas area; things you can't get at the grocery store.  1010 S. Pearl Expressway, mapsco 45-Q/R.  We'll meet in front of the resource building in the SE corner of the market.  See for more details.

 Saturday, Apr 11, 10 AM:  GC visit the Dallas Arboretum 8525 Garland Road

Dallas, Texas 75218 (mapsco 37-U).  Last weekend for Dallas Blooms –Southwest’s largest floral display.  Special events--Petting zoo, music, more.  $9.50 adults,, $6 3-12, $5 parking.  See

Sunday, May 17, noon:  GC visit the Cavanaugh Flight Museum 4572 Claire Chennault

Addison, TX 75001 (mapsco 4-U).  See over 3 dozen different aircraft, From a Pitts and a Cub to a Mustang, MiG, Phantom and a “Thud.”  It’s “Warbirds over Addison” weekend, so there will be lots of flightline activity.  Historical displays, vintage vehicles and a great gift shop.  $8 adults, $4 6-12.  See

June 19-20-21 Gifted Children Camping/Digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park outside of Murfreesboro AR. Enjoy camping, hunt for diamonds in the mine area (you find it, you keep it), play at the water park.  Camping $19/night, diamond hunting $7, $4 6-12.  More information at .  If the campsite is full, please let me know as there are several options available in the area. Be sure to RSVP for this event so we can coordinate

Sunday, Mar 29, 4-6 PM  GC games afternoon and parent discussion at the Krishnan’s, 5729 Misted Breeze Dr, Plano (Mapsco 655H). Get together to play some games; bring your favorites or try some new ones.  Kitty $0
Saturday, Feb 28, 5-6 PM:  The Dallas Regional Science Fair public show of projects.  See the winners and the rest, interesting ways of studying the world around us.  In Centennial Hall, 1001 Washington Street, (Fair Park), Dallas, mapsco 46K; free.

Saturday, Feb 22, noon:  GC explore the Trinity River Audubon Center, a new 120 acre urban forest and ecology education center, including hiking, bird watching and a children's discovery garden.  $6/adults, $3/3-12.  6500 S Loop 12, (west of intersection of S. Buckner and US 175): mapsco 57Z.

Thursday, Jan 15, 6 PM:  GC visit the Dallas Museum of Art 1717 N Harwood (mapsco 45-K).  It’s free admission night.  See the King Tut exhibit (extra charge) or the Eliasson exhibit, get a docent led tour of the galleries at 7 PM, or do your own thing.  See for details.


Sunday Dec 14  2PM GC Craft party  Stop by and make a holiday item, or whatever inspires you.  Various media (fabric, ribbon, wood, paper, glass copper, steel) Kitty $0.  Home of Bill and Ellen Rock, 701 Victorian  Dr, Allen (Mapsco 560K)

Saturday Nov 8  9AM GC Tour the Dallas Morning News Printing Plant  See the DMN printed.  3900 W Plano Parkway, Plano.  (Mapsco 6B) Tell the gate guard you are with Mensa Gifted Children.  Ages 10 and up, wear closed-toe shoes; plenty of walking.  Picnic afterwards at Longhorn Park

Sunday, Oct 26 2 PM.  GC Pumpkin Carving Make a gory gored gourd.  Bring a pumpkin and we’ll have various carving tools and other “extras.”  Carve a conventional Jack O’Lantern or try something more extreme.  Meet at Ridgewood Park Pavilion, Trammel Dr and Fisher Rd, Dallas (Mapsco 36H).  

Saturday, Oct 18 11 AM   White Rock Lake Artists’ Studio Tour   Meet at the Bathhouse Cultural Center, 521 E. Lawther Dr. Dallas  (Mapsco 37H).  See some of the over 30 home studios open for tours around  the Lake.  Painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalworking and more. for more details

Also on the 18th, the Mensa New Members Party invites Gifted Children to arrive at 7 PM, 30 minutes before the rest of the party starts, to greet other Gifted Children, play games, and plan activities. 

If you’re interested… Orson Scott Card (author of Ender's Game) will be at Denton’s Guyer High School Gymnasium on Saturday, October 18th at 4:00 pm to talk about his book, and a book signing will follow. The event is free to the public.  This is part of what looks like a neat program called Denton Reads

If you’re interested… Saturday Oct 27  (9AM-3PM) at the UTD activity center, Dallas BEST robotics Game Day (Mapsco 6R).  HS teams compete with student-built robots in this year’s game Just Plane Crazy.  Free.  See for details.  I will be a volunteer at the event.

Past Events (recommended for families to do on their own as well):

Picking fresh blueberries at Blueberry Hill Farm in Edom TX .  U-pick blueberries. Wear closed toe shoes, loose clothing and bring a hat.    Located on FM 314 South of Edom, 19 miles east of Canton.  Take I-20 East to exit 540 go right 12 miles to downtown Edom (stay on 314)—the farm is 1/4 mile up hill on right.  More details on the web site is

Sunday, 21 Sep 2 PM.  GC pedal the Chisholm Trail in Plano. This is an easy, tree-lined creekside trail in central Plano.  All the main streets have underpasses.  Meet at the On The Border parking lot, 1505 N Central (half block west of central on 15th St; Mapsco 658V)

Saturday 09 Aug 3-5 PM  GC games afternoon and parent meeting at the Krishan's.  Get together to play some games; bring your favorites or try some new ones.  Parent meeting to talk about GC resources, events, and what you want from the GC program.  Kitty $0

Friday 01 Aug 11:30 AM GC tour the GM Assembly plant in Arlington,  2525 E Abram St. Arlington, TX 76010 (west side of Hwy 360 and Abrams).  Watch the assembly of new 2009 SUVs from start to finish in this modern high-tech facility.  Afterwards, those that can stay are invited over to nearby Helen Wessler Park for a hot dog lunch. 

T.I.N.D.O.M.O. rises again! (Things I’d Never Do On My Own!)  Meet at Flagpole Hill.  Just North of Northwest Highway at Doran Circle. (MAPSCO 27-Y)  What more appropriate for the revival of T.I.N.D.O.M.O. than kites rising on the evening (okay late afternoon) breeze.  Bring kites and picnic fare and join us in the enjoyment of a early summer afternoon.  Park in the lot by the flagpole and look for us on the hillside to your west.. Never know how crowded the park will be, so if we’re not obvious, look for a guy in an Indiana Jones hat. [We also do events that are for all NTM and sound like fun, like this one--bj.]

Create your own artwork at Paint Yer Pottery Pick a piece of greenware from the wide assortment they have, paint it with provided paints and brushes, and they fire it for you, or do something different and make a mosaic.   17194 Preston Rd, Suite 109 Dallas, [NE corner Preston and Campbell, between Kroger and Hallmark] (mapsco 5P).

Attend Eclectic Book Club (all NTM) where once a quarter, the pick is definitely for everybody.

Those that are going to see Prince Caspian Wednesday with the Movie SIG, be sure to RSVP to the phone number on the pass (and arrive early).  [This is something we really enjoy.  We have members who are in the Dallas Movie Prescreeners group who keep a lookout for free passes for movies the children might enjoy.  About 19 of us went to see March of the Penguins.  (This was made possible when the NTM Movie SIG asked members of the group to stand in 100 degree heat to get tickets that they turned around to the children so they could all go together with their families.  The Dallas Movie PreScreeners are a yahoo group that knows virtually all prescreenings in the Dallas area. We even encouraged a Disney screening to be held on Saturday morning when the children were more available.)  A group went to see Madagascar. Some teens went to see Batman Revisited.

Saturday the 17th we'll be going to the Wildflower Festival in Richardson. 
Music, light shows, Kid’s corner with butterfly garden, art contest, petting zoo, and rock climbing.   $15 Adults, $5 3-12.  Galatyn Parkway and US 75, (mapsco 7R) Please RSVP so we can coordinate meeting there.

Dallas Heritage Museum.
Living history museum portraying North Texas life from 1840 to 1910, including a working Civil War-era farmstead. (think Williamsburg).

Visit the Dallas Zoo  621 E Clarendon (mapsco 54H) $8.75 Adults, $5.75 (3-11), parking $5 or ride the DART to the door.  It’s all happening at the Zoo.  Great children’s area, Wilds of Africa, monorail ride, lots more.  Let’s go enjoy the return of 70 degrees to Dallas.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Ft. Worth.

GC visit Highland Village Kid Kastle–Swings, slides, “spiderwebs,” forts, xylophone, this park has it all. 210 Briarhill Blvd, Highland Village (mapsco 549P). 

Children's play date at Amy and Roger's house. This is a chance to meet and greet other gifted children/ parents and plan activities. There will be an activity or two and time for free play. Please RSVP.

Gifted Children Hike and Bike at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, 6701 Parker Road, Plano (Mapsco 655E).  We'll start on the paved trail, end up at the Fort Arbor pavilion where the adventuresome can hike a bit while others start the charcoal for hot dogs and other grillables.  

Gifted Children Clean Up--help with the regular second Saturday Spruce Up at White Rock Lake. Meet at the For the Love of the Lake office, Buckner Blvd and Garland Road (Casa Linda Plaza).  We'll get snacks and supplies between 8 and 9, then head out to a section of shoreline.

Gifted Children’s Star Gazing at the University of North Texas Observatory in Denton.  We’ll meet at 6:00 at South Lakes Park in Denton for a picnic dinner and exploring the large wood Eureka Playground. Then we’ll travel to the observatory a little before dusk (starts at 8:00pm) to use their high powered telescopes. Bring dinner and drinks for your family.  To get to the park: Take I-35E north to Denton. Take the Teasley Exit and go left (west) on Teasley. Turn right on Hobson. South Lakes park and the Eureka Playground will be on your right after a short distance.  For directions to the observatory:

GC (and others)  Discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the home of Bill and Ellen Allen (mapsco 560 K).  As part of the Mensa Book Club, we’ll discuss the book 7, the series, play HP games (bring any you have), and even try Quiddich.  [Bill, who also does BEST Robotic Competitions for mainly high school students in his spare time, actually built a Quiddich game out of PVC pipe.  We did this event twice and it was very popular.  I actually got to fly as the top of me seems to be faster than the rest of me, but only for a minute.  What fun!  And Bill's wife , Ellen even designed and sewed tiny Harry Potter bags filled with, what else?  jelly beans, and then there were all the fantastic treats, and the great conversations, and the fun..  I do hope we can do it all again this year.  I learned that gifted children can become series readers really fast, reading everything by a particular author they like, and not just with the Harry Potter books, either.  Bill and Ellen's three teenage daughters: Kate, Eileen, and Joanna taught me that and I'm thankful to them.

White Rock Lake Artists’ Studio Tour   Meet at the Bathhouse Cultural Center, 521 E. Lawther Dr. Dallas.  See some of the over 30 home studios open for tours around  the Lake.  Painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalworking and more. more details.  We've done this tour for years.  The artists look forward to seeing us and refer to the children as " the children who talk to adults."  The first year we did this, we all stopped at 6:00 to go home and change for the New Members Party.  All of us were late to the party because after we had said our goodbyes and left, everyone went on seeing more artists' studios and among us had see every one of the 30 homes.

If you’re interested…Oct 20 [remember this is an old event, but Bill and his family have been doing it for years and has shared it with all the GCP children as well--bj] at Town East Mall  from 10-3 and  Oct 27  (9-3) at the UTD activity center, Dallas BEST robotics Demo day and Game Day, respectively.  HS teams compete with student-built robots in this year’s game 2021: A Robot Odyssey.  See for details.  I will be a volunteer at these events.

Chess at the Library Come pawn-der the meaning of life as seen through chess, or just play for the fun of it.  At  the Allen Public Library, 300 N Allen Drive in (surprise) Allen.  Meet on the second floor in Group Study room C.

GC Christmas light viewing  Meet at the SE corner of Lookout Dr and Jupiter in Garland, and we’ll head to the Spring Park neighborhood.  It’s ooh and aaah time again, so let’s take a leisurely drive through some neighborhoods and see if we can find the true meaning of “Snoopy’s Dog House.”  If you run late, call the cell,

Gifted Children (and others)  play Frisbee Disc Golf at Bethany Lakes Park in Allen (mapsco 560 L).  Come out and try your wrist at this new (relatively) Disc course.  The course has fewer water hazards (but more duck hazards) than the course NTM has gone to in the past.

Gifted Children at the New Members PartyThere will be a table and some games to enjoy at the NMP.  See the M-Aura for details. [This is always a great event for the kids.  We announce that all the children of NTM will be honored at the beginning of the party.  We have NTM Newcomer Parties every 6 months.  The new members come and the old members come  to meet them and to see old friends.  It's usually when the most NTMers get together, and sometimes this means over 200 people in a nice., large comfortable house and filling up the backyard too.  The GCC hunts up all the children and parents and introduces everybody to everybody and fields a thousand questions and encourages everyone to come to the next event and give contact information for followup emails (we put out our own newsletter for the GCP).  Then what happens is usually the teens stake out an area for themselves and the younger children do the same or stay with their parents.  The GCC visits every group, usually lingering with the parents and the younger ones.  Such fun.  The first time we did this, 12 kids showed up scattered between the age of 4  and 17.  Everyone thought they would only stay a short time and go home.  Instead, at eleven o'clock p.m., all of them were out on the front liawn enjoying red light - green light, chase, and just being kids.  I really don't think it matters where they go or what they do, the children bring the magic.  And they have learned a lot more about who they are and that they are not alone.--bj)

So that is what Bill has been doing for the last year of so as GCC.

I'm give you more of our events later--like what happened when all the kids asked to fly airplanes!


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US Mensa's BrightKids E-mail list (This list is managed by American Mensa, but membership is open to the public as well as Mensa members.)

North Texas Mensa Member-Suggested Books for Children and Families

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Articles and Links about Gifted Children

You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
Acronyms, Terms, and Other Stuff We Need to Know...
Characteristics of Giftedness Scale: A Review of the Literature
Distinguishing Myths from Realities: NRC/GT Research
Giftedness: The View from Within
Is It a Cheetah?
What We Have Learned About Gifted Children
Characteristics of Gifted Children and Talented Children and Possible Associated Problems
 Common Myths About Gifted Students
The Society's Role in Educating the Gifted: The Role of Public Policy and
Critical Issues in the Identification and Nurturance of Promising Students from Low Income Backgrounds
Cultivating Otherwise Untapped Potential
Definitions of Giftedness
Discovering Highly Gifted Students
Evaluating Intellectual Potential
"Fairness," "Fear," and Being "Too Smart"
The False Accusation of Elitism
Gifted Children and Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial Development
Gifted Children: Are Their Gifts Being Identified, Encouraged, or Ignored?
What is a Gifted Child?
Intelligence & IQ
How Do I Know If My Child is Gifted?
Problem Analysis
Testing Gifted Children
Gifted Children's Needs
My Child May Be Gifted - What Should I Do?
My Older Child May Be Gifted
          What do Gifted Children Need From Schools?
Gifted Children - the Myth
How Can I Help My Gifted Preschooler?
Highly Gifted Children
Why Do I Get Different Advice from Different Experts?
Homeschooling Gifted Children
If My Child Seems Happy at School, Is Everything Fine?
Gifted Children With Disabilities - Overcoming Stereotypes

Gifted Child Today Magazine
Issues in Identification and Assessment
Misdiagnosis of the Gifted
Young Gifted Children
University of North Texas Gifted Education
Giftedness, the Examined Life, Character, and Wisdom
Using Current Empiric Research Concerning Gifted Students, Their Education, and Programs
A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America's Brightest Students
Worthwhile Adventures
Templeton Foundation Report on Acceleration
How Do I Know My Child is Gifted?
UNT Gifted Education Events
"Pushy Parents"... Bad Rap or Necessary Role?
Parenting Your Highly Gifted Child
National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Parent Info
National Association for Gifted Children
Human Intelligence
Texas Association for Gifted and Talented (TAGT)
TAGT's Insights
Gifted Canada
Teacher Bias in Identifying Gifted and Talented Students
Parents Are the Best Source of Information About Their Children's Abilities
A Longitudinal Study of Early Literacy Development and the Changing Perceptions of Parents and Teachers
On Overachievement
The TAG Project
Competing with Myths About the Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Students
Factors in the Social Adjustment and Social Acceptability of Extremely Gifted Children
From "The Saddest Sound" to the D Major Chord: The Gift of Accelerated Progression
Gifted Kids at Risk: Who's Listening?
Do We Know If Gifted Children Are Being Served Appropriately?
Exceptionally Gifted Children: Different Minds
Helping Adolescents Adjust to Giftedness
Introversion: The Often Forgotten Factor Impacting the Gifted
Asynchronous Development and Sensory Integration Intervention in the Gifted and Talented Population
Social/Emotional Needs: The Rage of Gifted Students
Risk-taking and Risk-making: Understanding When Less Than Perfection Is More Than Acceptable
Appropriate Expectations for the Gifted Child
Factors in the Social Adjustment and Social Acceptability of Extremely Gifted Children
"Play Partner" or "Sure Shelter": What Gifted Children Look for in Friendship
The "Me" Behind the Mask: Intellectually Gifted Students and the Search for Identity
Managing His Image: The Challenge of a Gifted Male
Developing a Feeling Vocabulary
Overexcitability and the Gifted
Exploring Social and Emotional Aspects of Giftedness in Children
Identity Development in Gifted Children: Moral Sensitivity
Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration: Some Implications for Teachers of Gifted Students
Affective Development of Gifted Students with Nontraditional Talents
Talent Development: Accommodating the Social and Emotional Needs of Secondary Gifted/Learning Disabled Students
Social and Emotional Issues Faced by Gifted Girls in Elementary and Secondary School
The Emotional Needs of the Gifted Child
A Synthesis of Research on Psychological Types of Gifted Adolescents
Teasing and Gifted Children
Developmental Phases of Social Development
Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children
Promoting Positive Social Development
Tips for Parents: Introverts
Tips for Parents of Intense Children
Adolescence and Gifted: Addressing Existential Dread
Discovering the Gifted Ex-child
Can You Hear the Flowers Sing? Issues for Gifted Adults
The Imposter Syndrome: Feeling Like A Fraud
Entitled to Be Exceptional
Gifted Women: Identity and Expression
Helping Gifted Students With Stress Management
Imposter Syndrome
The Many Sides of Being Gifted
Too Smart for Good?

My thanks to Dr. Michael Sayler of the University of North Texas for sharing so many of these resources with us at his “Finding Online Resources on and for Your Gifted Children” at the TAGT Parenting Conference in Dallas on February 28, 2004.

Additional Resources

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)

Resources for Parents of Gifted Children:    from Central Florida Young Mensa SIG, Keri Guilbault GCC

On this page: resources for parents, teachers, links for gifted kids and teens, talent searches


More resources will be coming later.  If you have any you wish to share, please email me at and use “NTM” in the subject line.

So much research and information about the gifted has taken place from the 60’s on to help give us a better picture of what being gifted is all about. 

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