By Patricia Darrow, Astrologer


Are you planning a move soon? Relocating? House hunting? Are you undecided about which house to choose? Let numerology be your guide. Take the full house number, no matter how many digits, and add all of the numbers together and then reduce to a one digit number.

For instance, if the house number is 33074, then you would add up and reduce that to a 17, then add and reduce again to a one digit number which in this case would be an 8.

Below is a guide of the numerological energies of the one digit numbers.

The 1 House:

This is a house where you would feel motivated. You would function as an independent person here. This is a great house for someone who lives alone. In this house, you feel comfortable in taking the lead on all things and will always have the energy to initiate all kinds of beginnings here. You definitely would be no "shrinking violet" in this abode! This house shines and the owner could collect a lot of interesting types of lamps. Just be careful that while you live here, you donít become too aggressive or overbearing or you could lose your friends.

The 2 House:

This house has a cozy, loving vibration to it. In this house, the occupants would seek peace and a lot of togetherness. A 2 house vibrates to the energies of the moon, so psychic work could also be done under this roof. This is a house that simply nurtures all kinds of relationships, so its "tea for two" within these walls. This house would also make an ideal place for one to hold a garden party or wedding in the back yard of this house. Donít be surprised if the occupants have a gazebo installed. The negative side to living in a 2 house; not to get too dependent on your partner - always strive to maintain a balance.



The 3 House:

This is a home that vibrates to communication and self-expression. The residents here would love to entertain frequently and would be very hospitable to their guests. A lot of creativity is abounding in these walls. This house corresponds to the planet of Jupiter, so it could also be a large house or a maybe a smaller home but one that would be slated for future expansions. On the negative side, this house could be conducive to excesses and perhaps shun the responsibilities of everyday living.

The 4 House:

This house represents security. This is a house with a strong foundation and is extremely grounded. Itís all about the earth - so make sure you surround this abode with a garden and throw in some herbs for good measure! This is also a house to choose if you want to concentrate on accomplishing a lot of work. Youíll succeed in this house. One drawback, it could be too serious and lackluster in this house - so try to incorporate some fun into it. Take time to smell those roses that are growing in that garden.

The 5 House:

This is the house of change and movement. Itís vibrant and alive! Residents here will, undoubtedly, travel a lot, or at least make many weekend getaways. The family that lives here will always revel with their five senses! This home will be filled with computers, social events and with a well stocked library. Add to that some blaring music. The noise level could be loud in this house. If its peace and serenity that you crave, this is not your house.

The 6 House:

This house is a beauty. The number 6 is associated with the planet of Venus and this house probably will always be immaculate and kept up. A 6 house is usually freshly painted and decorated with style and class. This is a house that has a family/relationship vibration to it, and it would be very conducive to raising children here. A lot of nurturing goes on in these walls and its usually filled with compassion up to the ceiling. On the down side, you may have trouble getting rid of unwanted visitors who try to outwear their welcome. The occupants of this house would also make a superb counselors or advisors as they have a natural understanding of people.



The 7 House:

A lot of contemplating goes on in this house. Unlike the 5 house, the adventure is within in the 7 house. Itís a great home to build a library and its occupants would make great armchair travelers. Sometimes this home can make one feel like a loner. If youíre married, make sure you openly express your feelings to your partner. This could be the home of the mystic . A negative might be the temptation to escape through drugs, alcohol or food. Some say a 7 house could even be haunted or attract ghosts!

The 8 House:

If you like power, money and success, this one is the pick of the litter! This is a powerful house and its occupants would make great politicians, doctors, attorneys or any high executive positions. This house will always be organized and managed smoothly. Everything will be so well-maintained at all times. Any occupants in an 8, would, undoubtedly, prosper -- just make sure you take time to stop and smell the roses like those 4 residents!

The 9 House:

This is a house of the humanitarian. This can be a selfless house where the occupants are usually off on a mission somewhere or busy functioning at charity fund raisers. This number of 9 has a connection to the past, so donít be surprised if you get a lot of visitors or phone calls from people whom you havenít heard from in a while. The 9 house would make a perfect house to practice feng shui. Purge all of the clutter to make room for the new energies/possessions to come in. Recycling is the theme in this house. The only drawback would be to make sure you donít dwell in the past. Look ahead to the future and make sure you have mastered forgiveness.

Looking for the ideal house can be a monumental task, fraught with questions, concerns, worries, sometimes even sleepless nights. But you can make the job a little easier by simply remembering to count from 1 to 9. Use numbers as a guide to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life. Who knows? Maybe your dream house is just around the corner, waiting for you to count the ways for you to feel happy and homey within its walls. Numerology can make those dreams come true and set you on a true course for home.