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Hair Loss Alternatives & Information on Hair Systems

Yes... there is Hope!


While I do not endorse surgery to combat hair loss, there are options available that do work.  One option is to accept your hair loss and move on with your life. Most men won't consider this an option so the real solution may be option number two...

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Pictures like the ones above often appear in advertisements for hair transplantation companies.  It is ridiculous for any doctor to advertise that they can achieve these results with hair transplants.  This is not possible.  However, hair systems do give men a chance to achieve the appearance they would have had if they did not lose their hair.  Many actors in Hollywood would not have had careers without using a hair system.  Here are just a few of those names... Sean Connery, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, and William Shatner, among others.  

About Hair Systems...

I have received numerous emails asking for referrals for credible hair replacement salons for cities across America, and from Canada to Mexico.  I do not normally endorse companies on this website, however I can vouch for the quality of the hair systems made by HairArt Inc. in Los Angeles, California.  They work with many of Hollywood's top actors and actresses and they do make some of the best hair systems in the business.  You can learn more about the quality of their hair systems at .  I like this company not only for the quality of their hair systems but because they truly have the customers best interest in mind.

I would caution anyone from joining the "Hair Club for Men".  They prey upon men who are vulnerable and lacking self-confidence when losing their hair.  In my opinion, the quality of their hair systems is poor and overpriced.  You can read about a hair club for men experience here

Here is some general information about hair systems:

  • Hairpieces are almost universally made in Asia, Mexico, the Philippines, or other 3rd world countries.  Labor is cheap and plentiful and sewing a hair system is labor intensive.
  • Almost all hair replacement salons will claim the hairpiece is made on the premises.   This most likely is not true.  But, the truth is, it really doesn't matter where it is made as long as it is made correctly. 
  • A good hair system should match your own hair density and color. The density, (how much hair they put in your hair system), should be on the light side... many hair systems are made too thick, and this is a sure giveaway that the hair is not your own.  Request thin density on your hair system.  You do not want a fur hat!   They can always add more hair later but they cannot remove hair if it is too thick.
  • The price range should be anywhere from $600 - $1500 dollars for a custom made hair system. "Custom made" means they will make a mold of your head so the hair system should fit you precisely.  If the salon is asking more than $1500 you are probably paying too much. Let them know that you have been educated and you can easily purchase an excellent hair system elsewhere if they do not want your business.  There is nothing so unique on the market that is should cost more than this, but I guarantee they will try to convince you that their hair system is superior to all others and commands a higher price. Nonsense!
  • A "lace-front" hair system allows you to comb your hair straight back and it really will look like the hair is growing out of your head.  You attach this system with either lace tape or glue.  Either way, these systems are the most life like but they are also the most time consuming to care for.  If you don't come your hair back you can wear a standard hair system that has a 1/2" wide soft polymer band around the entire system.  Attaching and maintaining the full polymer band hair system requires much less maintenance.
  • To locate a hair replacement salon in your area I would recommend starting with the yellow pages.  If you live in a large city such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc... you will find numerous companies advertising for your business.  Smaller cities may have fewer choices but regardless of where you live, you need to talk to as many of these hair system companies as you can.  The more people you talk with, the more informed you will become.  Unfortunately, this process can be like buying a used car, so don't believe everything that you hear.
  • When attaching your hair system, you have a few options.  The hair systems sold by Hair Club for Men originally used a Semi-permanent attachment  These attachments required either weaving the foundation of the hair system into your own hair or using a medical glue to bond it to your  hair.  These attachment methods created many angry men.  The weaving method was often painful and both the glue bonding and weaving method require office visits every 3-4 weeks to remove, clean and then re-attach the hair system.  Also, if you want to remove your hair system yourself you are out of luck.  Today, most men use a variety of different tapes and glues that they can use themselves.  I would recommend avoiding any semi-permanent attachment such as weaving or bonding.
  • Hair systems are available from a number of Hair Salons across the country. One of the lessons you will learn by visiting a hair replacement company is that many of their clients have had hair transplants. In fact, the men who own hair replacement companies are frequently ex-hair transplant patients who wanted a real solution. Of course, if the transplants had worked as advertised, these companies would have been out of business by now! Don't you think?

    Are hair replacements as good as having your own hair back? No. But they can give you an excellent look and the process is always reversible. As with anything else, you must do your homework to find out who makes the best hair replacement for your needs. They are not all the same, and prices vary widely.

What about hairloss drugs?

Hair loss drugs currently available, Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride), have not proven to be a solution for most men. While they may help slow the balding process they rarely produce noticeable hair growth. Perhaps one day the solution will appear in a pill or liquid form, but that magic pill has not been developed yet.  If it had I would be using it!