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Thanks for all the emails.  Your stories are beginning to have an impact.  I am finally receiving emails from people who have... after hearing the truth about transplants, decided not to pursue this medical nightmare.  

Legal Actions

Bosley Medical Settles

Bosley Medical ends two year long investigation by State of California and Los Angeles
County into patient disclosure and advertising practices with a six figure settlement and no admission of wrong doing.

New Website:

Transplant Clients File $400 Million Class Action

47 year old Vincent Bellera, and seven other dissatisfied transplant clients have filed a $400 million lawsuit in the State Supreme Court in Manhattan against Long Island Medical Associates.

Mr. Bellera responded to a brochure that promised a "new you." After several hair transplant sessions, Bellera claims he looked worse than before, with bumps across his forehead and a scar across the back of his head. Angry and frustrated, Bellera is seeking relief in the courts.

The lawsuit, filed in July, charges Long Island Medical Associates with medical malpractice and fraud. "We allege the services performed were not acceptable and resulted in permanent, disfiguring and, in many cases, irreparable harm that cannot be corrected," said the attorney for one of the plaintiffs is reported to have said.

Long Island Medical Associates has offices in Rockville Center, Manhattan, and New Jersey. The hair-transplant business in the US is estimated at over $800 million.

Patient stories

January 18th, 2007
I can relate to your situation as well only in present day.  I have had 4 mega transplant surgeries in the last 2 years and have not even come close to the results promised nor look like the photos shown.  I am considering 1 more try but I plan on asking for a free one.  Do you have information on what the grounds were for that class action suite? As I'm sure you know how depressing it is to be in this situation you start to think about revenge.  .
July 7th, 2004
Thanks for the helpful site. Like many guys here, I began losing hair at 19. I'm 42 now and most of it is gone, but I had often thought about transplants. Fortunately I have a sensitive dermatologist, also bald, who sees me for a more serious scalp condition...precancers from years of sun exposure, the treatment of which has left some scarring on my scalp, though nothing like what these other young men have endured. Anyway, because I had the competent care of a good skin specialist who is also bald, he set me straight years ago and told me that there really is no good treatment for hair loss, and that's what he tells his patients, period. He was thinning himself when I first saw him 14 years ago and now buzzes what is left. We both married late and have toddlers at home. My hair loss still bothers me but I am glad for your site because I was considering visiting a transplant surgeon for the hell of it. I won't now. The fact is that most medical procedures do not deliver what they promise, my mom had 4 knee replacements on one knee, she was supposed to be dancing after one operation. Her knee jumped out of place and deteriorated, she looked like her leg was bent sideways, and she was in extreme pain. My own skin precancerous are supposed to be easily treated by non-scarring cryotherapy, yet my last one did not respond and had to be surgically removed. My kids both have vitiligo and I was looking into new treatments for this condition, but again my dermatologist told me most of these treatments are best at taking your money and nothing else. Hell, the top cosmetic dermatologist in my state, himself bald, does not do hair transplants, and that she tell us something....guys don't be ashamed because you were young and tried to correct a centuries old problem. These doctors should be the ones who are ashamed, and every one should have their balls hung from a tree...remember when they say we should limit lawsuits, that it is these wealthy clowns who will be protected for their malfeasance...
June 15th, 2004

For all of you gusy out there that think you will never get over losing your hair I can tell you that you will. I had a very thick head of hair until I started losing it at age 19, and the next ten years were the most awful you can imagine.  I spent those years in front of the mirror and with my back to the mirror holding another mirror so I could see the crown of my head.  If that makes you laugh a little than there is a good chance you will get through this, believe me.  It looks worse to you thant it does to anyone else.  I still have hair on the sides and back that I cut very short.  The little hair that I have left in the front and on top I shave every few days.  The top of my head is natuarally shiny so there is an occasional joke but compared to the number of women who want to touch it (and do other things to it) I can put up with a joke now and than.  Get over this guys.  The frown lines and wrinkles that you will get from being insecure about this will make you look older than your hair loss.  Even if you don't believe it at first, tell yourself it's no big deal and eventually it won't be.  Not to you or anyone else.


June 2nd, 2004

I was just reading the horror stories. I hope you post this with my emal address. 

I've recently turned 31 years old and had my first of three hair transplant sessions totaling around 1500 grafts.  I was 25 when I had my last transplant.  I have been wanting to shave my head for quite some time now as I believe I would look a lot better, but I know I can't because of the linear scar at the back of my head.  I tried it with some clippers last summer as I was brave one night just to see how noticeable the scars would be.  Sure enough, I almost cried when I looked in the mirror at the back of my head.  I and to wear a hat to cover it for a few weeks to allow for hair to grow back to cover the scars.  I was devastated. You could plainly see the un-eveness of the scars and the discoloration, not to mention the gap the width of a pencil going straight across the back like a smiley face.  This gap, obviously has no hair.  

Since last summer I have gotten treatments from a dermatologist using a V-Beam laser which is the newest laser on the market for scar revision.  I had this along with micro-dermabrasion.  There is some hope as I have managed to reduce the discoloration significantly and flatten the scar to match the rest of my skin.   It even shrunk the scar a bit, but not enough to my satisfaction.  It is a start if you're interested.  I still am afraid to shave my head again, but I want to so badly to end my pain and low self esteem.  I would be so much more confident if I could shave my head.  My dating life sucks because of my shaken confidence...So sad indeed.

I was 23 when I had my first transplant which was still relatively young and desperate at the time.  Now, I wish I hadn't like much like the rest of you on here.

I take Propecia which keeps the hair I have.  If I don't take it then my hair will fall out around my transplants and my life would crumble into oblivion.  Hair Transplants are not the long term solution as, eventually you will run out of donor hair to keep up with the hair loss.

Please respond if you have any good news for me at .


April 20th, 2004
Reading the letters, it echoes my life.  I started losing my hair freshman year of college.  No big deal at that time, hardly noticeable, but by my senior year, you could kind of tell.  No big deal.  I always had real thick curly hair and I was not real worried........yet.
I got married at 23 and the receding and thinning continued.  I started to get comments from family, a joke here and there.  Then one day, my wife says I should talk to this plastic surgeon her mom knew of, maybe he could help.  Well, the guy is Mr. Smooth and I think he is just wonderful.  He did, I must admit, caution that I may want to think about it due to my age.  I then asked if he had any former clients that I could talk to about it.  He actually got angry and said he'd never give up someone's identity.  Well, I wondered if he ever did any hair transplants ever in his life!  But, being that I was 27 or so, and being that he was a great plastic surgeon, I forged ahead.  He actually put me under for 2 procedures.  He put these huge grafts in.  Horrible.  Everyone noticed, asked me what in the hell I did to myself.  The shame was, as many have stated on this forum, was that I always kept my hair close -cropped any way after my freshman year.  I just liked it short and tight.  Now I had a disaster.
I no longer wanted to go to any functions with my wife, just stay home.  I would meet people and tilt my head funny so to possibly hide my appearance.  A hat was my constant companion.  I dreaded pictures.  I have holes all across the back of my head.  Huge scars on the front and divots everywhere.  Needless to say(as others have said), that confident guy of yesteryear was long gone. 
I even passed up meeting old school chums when the opportunity would arise.  Or how about all the times that I'd be in conversations with someone and catch them glancing up at my hair while I was talking!!
Well, I went on the road to repair.  I went to 3 other doctors to help fill in the damage.  I had the huge grafts on each side removed leaving nice scars.  I wonder what that money would be worth now if I had put it in Microsoft in the 80's instead of my head!
I am now 42.  My head looks a little better.  I still can't cut my hair real short in the back or my sea of pockmarks is exposed where the first genius dug out all my grafts.  I still "break out" as well.  Kind of like herpes on my head, as if the plugs aren't all deep or suck in dirt and get infected.  Then they scab up.  I am meeting a plastic surgeon next week to remove some more hair in the front to get my hairline correct.  Oh yea, forgot the rest of the hairline part.  Not only did I have those huge grafts on each side of the temples, but the first idiot had made a big V-shape down the front of my head to emulate a "real hairline" as he called it.  I should have killed the guy.  Any way, I am going to have the little hair in lower front/middle area removed and the skin scarring reduces so I can comb back my hair better.  Then I am going to look into having some hair removed from my legs and stomach to soften the rest of the hairline. Then I am done  and whatever happens, happens.  I wish I had the Vin Diesel look right now. 
Anyone contemplating a hair transplant at this time, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.  Run the other way.  Maybe in 20 years it will be different, but DON'T DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Trust me, it screwed up a good portion of my life and I will never be the same.


February 26th, 2004



I was cursing the internet looking at hair replacements systems and say your web site. I can tell you this issue is near and dear to me as I lost my hair at 22 (now 41) I have had 3 hair transplants ($12500 invested?) and still look “bald”. I can totally relate to your horror story although mine not as bad. My first one was in the 80’s and had a baby doll look to it. I ended up doing a come over to cover the plugs. In 94 I had a corrective procedure done in Bellevue , WA (Dr. Anderson) and it a little look better, I was happy not having to do the come over.  In 96 I tried again with Elliott & True  - I was sold by the so called new techniques. For the most part it was successful but some did not come in the front. The used “Assistants” like your article mentioned. However, I was again disappointed with how thin it was and the were ready to sign me up for a few more procedures. I got wise at this point and just lived with it for many years until recently. The scar on the back of my head is now very red  - I have had to see a doctor but there is really nothing I can do but put lotion on it.

There is no way I am ever going to have another transplant as there is simply not enough donor hair and the strip method of harvesting is so brutal that that my scar would be too big. The only thing that looks promising the doctors that use body hair – but really pricey and too new.


Well like I said was happy to see someone else not happy with their procedure’s. I am wondering what you are doing now?  I am looking into hair pieces because not only do I have to cover my bad hair transplants I now need to cover the scar on the back of my head. Hair pieces seem to have  gotten a lot better with adhesives and seem to look more natural. Have you looked in to this? 


Take care and keep up spreading the word that transplants DONT WORK..


February 21, 2004

Hello David,
     I am 33 years old and had 100 transplants done above my right and left temple in 1996. The implants are usually 3-4 hairs in density and there are 10-15 single hair implants at the very front. I've taken propecia since late 1998, and minoxidil for 10 years. As you can imagine, the top of my head and back look fine due to the drugs. I have recently purchased a laser comb and "feel" it is having a somewhat positive effect.
     Now for the bad news, amongst the hair plugs, my regular hair in the front has fallen out between them. I comb my hair in bangs and am very afraid of wind. I only had 100 transplants which consist of about 350 hairs, but I'm very depressed. I thought Propecia would keep me from ever losing another hair in my life.........but it doesn't in the frontal area. To make matters worse, I visited a big name hair transplant "mill" to see if they could stop any more hair loss with the treatment programs they advertised on their site. I went in for a consultation. They told me that they now use "RugClubforYen" if you know who I mean and their program to stop hair loss. After six months of rubbing various chemicals in my head 5 minutes a day (and still having to use propecia and minoxodil of course), the hair that was between the plugs is all gone out. Its not growing back either I now realize. I've been paying these people for cuts and once-a-month administration of the chemicals with a minute under an infrared light at a total cost of 1900 bucks a year. To think that the buzz over laser hair therapy was what sent me to them in the first place and how I got mood-scammed into "rugclubforyen", who I distrusted beforehand, is dispiriting.
      My new plan of action is to go to a doctor and get the few plugs "repaired" (broken up into single hairs) and moved back into my hair behind my natural hairline as it exists for my new hairstyle..........a buzz cut. I know I have a one-and three forths inch scar at the back of my head, but it is small. I can deal with it. I'm just so glad I didn't have MORE surgery. Now, in my 30's I can more easily accept hairloss and am actually looking forward to a very neat look. I intend to stay on propecia and minoxidil because the top and back are VERY full. I do want to say to the guys going through the first stages of baldness however, JUST get a Buzzcut guys. Leave a three day stubble on your head for color. If science can ever "clone" hair  it will be different and we can all go get a full head of glorious locks like old time movie stars, but for now hair transplants cause much more trepidation and psychological pain than they benefit. Bad ones, and Ive seen some pictures, have literally ruined some men's lives. I spent $2500 bucks on the first one, $1900 on my extra therapy, and imagine I will spend $5000 or so to get my 100 plugs broken up into 350 or so individual hairs and placed back further. That's ten thousand dollars when I could have been comfortable with a nice buzz cut all these years while using propecia and minoxidil waiting for cloning to become a reality like other (smarter guys). I implore you all to talk to a dermatological surgeon from a well respected practice before doing anything about hair loss. Not a salesman who acts as a valet to a surgeon who sees dollar signs when he sees you.                

  Thanks Dave, Mike

November 30, 2003

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had advice about how to deal with my life's biggest regret.  I received approximately 300 graphs in 1997 (27 at the time) along the front of my hair line.  (MHR)  I have blond semi-curly hair and the plugs have grown in like kinky thick darker hair, as opposed to the soft natural feathered hair behind them. 
My original hair is slowly retreating and I'm worried about having these things on the forfront.  I admit that I didn't research the proceedure like I should have.  I was too swept up in meeting the 'problem' head on at the time.  Now I wish that I could just shave my head bald and not have visible scarring or plugs.
I certainly feel 100x worse about these scars and plugs than I did about losing my hair originally.
I've read that laser hair removal for blonds doesn't work.
Am I forced to cut or tweeze these hairs for the rest of my life?  Or is there a better way?  Thanks in advance for your help.
September 03, 2003

Hello ,I am sorry I did not find your website before I went into a BSR clinic to find out what  my hairloss options were, I was beginning to thin in the front and was wondering  and was sure a Doctor would give me the proper advice. The consultant of course told me I needed a transplant because nothing else would work on the front of my head other than  transplant . I did ask several questions and was told that the procedure was a great thing that had no problems or complications.  I was unsure if I needed the amount of grafts and asked to see the doctor who told me I needed 2,500 grafts to get great results and that I would not need any other work to be done if went with that amount.  Believing that a doctor would not do me any harm I went forward and regret that I did.  I understand now that 2,500 grafts would be enough to cover a totally bald head. I was a Norwood 3 at worst with some thinning. Anyway at the time I understood very little about the mechanics of hair transplants and was assured by the doctor and consultant I would get great results . It did not. The no complication surgery has ruined my life and affected me in so many ways. I was a proud and secure individual with great ambition and looked at this as taking care of myself as I would my teeth or anything else.  Unfortunately I have scars, bumps, pits and a lot of other problems including neuropathy and a heart condition as a result. I am functioning at less than half speed and am loosing ground as days go by. I hope that no one else gets taken by this butcher who is a poor excuse for Doctor by any definition of the word.  Another note would be that there is no way I got 2,500 graft as the doctor was looking for a places to put them and ended up lowering my hairline and planting some into my crown it was told to me by a reputable Doctor that the rest were probably thrown out but they sure took that many from the look of your donor scar. Another thing is that the consultant professed how honest he was and what a great company he worked for because they help people, into depression I guess. The whole thing was a deceptive scam through and through and I hate myself for not having seen it.


Suffering every minute

November 21st, 2002

Found your site while browsing the web for information on potential reversal
processes for hair transplants.  I'm 34, and I had a transplant when I was 27 and they were suddenly very available and very cheap.  Now I wish I had never even heard of them.

I always had really thick hair as a kid and when it started to thin in my early 20s I was very conscious of it.  by 1995 I got it into my head that I had to have one of these transplants, because I was obsessive with my hair and the idea of losing it so much that it was giving me stomach aches.  It's funny how in my 20s it bothered me that I might be bald someday.  in my 30s I don't worry about it, other than that when it happens my grafts will look absolutely ridiculously visible.

I was lucky compared to some of the accounts I have read here, I had only one session and- honestly- the doctor should have turned me away at the door because I was not bald enough at that point to need a transplant and was obviously dealing with insecurity issues.  however- he was happy to take me... I had 150 4-hair grafts and 75 two-hair grafts along the front hairline from left to right.  It was medieval, it felt like they were planting the grafts into my forehead with a punch-awl- being sent through a

I recall I drove home with blood trickling down my neck and thinking what the Hell was I thinking?   when it grew in and I saw for the first time what it was really going to look like I almost cried.  what had I done to myself?   I was never going to have the hairline I had when I was 16 again, this was a poor substitute- and nobody told me it would look this bad. 

Ironically, I am more self-conscious of my plugs than I EVER was about my thinning hair and those years of hiding them are numbered.  I bristle when the women I date get up close and touchy-feely with me... I'm terrified they will look close and see the procedure.  I have had 4 girlfriends who actually asked me what the hell was up with my hairline.  imagine having to go through that confession!

I admit I tweeze the grafted areas a bit, to thin out the plugs and make them look less like Barbie-doll sprouts when the wind blows or a girlfriend wants to play with my hair.  my scarring isn't bad at all, at least from what I can see, at least there are only a couple of pits or discoloration specks that wouldn't be noticeable if I was able to reverse the procedure.  Thank god I never went back for more sessions. I am ashamed of the one I had, and terrified of someone finding out that I was so insecure at one point in my life that I had to alter my appearance.

The sad thing is, I can see how I am going bald naturally, and I think that its actually going to be a very distinguished, neat looking recession- I would look great if I could buzz cut and spike, but forget that now- I cant wear my hair back unless I want to deal with stares because it looks phony.

Please, please if you're reading this and considering a procedure just freakin go bald already, trust me- when you're 40 and living your life to the fullest its not going to matter one bit if you have hair or not.  I AM MORE DISTRAUGHT OVER MY PLUGS THAN I EVER WAS ABOUT GOING BALD.  Save yourself the embarrassment I have to deal with every day and buy property with your money. It's a better investment.


November 14th, 2002

To all,

I am 29 and started to loose my hair since I was 23. I was pretty confident with a shaved head for a while, but I made the mistake to go to MHR after watching one of their infomercials. They sold me on the process. I put 5,500 bucks for 1100 grafts. They promised great results...

Now, after 2 months of kicking myself for doing this I have a donor scar on the back of my head, and redness on my crown, but no visible hair growth (I believe that I've lost more hair since the operation).  If you are thinking about a transplant, please just forget about it!!!!!  I hate not being able to shave my head anymore!!!!
I am now trying to find a reputable plastic surgeon to get rid of the donor suture line that they left on me....If you know about someone please let me know!!

All of this pain just for some more hair... IT IS NOT WORTHY.  All the best.


June 24th, 2002


hanks for your site. I'm 37...a lawyer...with thinning hair over the past 10 years...I consider myself a pretty bright guy but I almost made a huge mistake before stumbling across your site....I met this guy who had 3 transplants already and he was telling me that he was going for yet another one because his hair was still falling out...his transplant looks abnormal...he has some hair in the front but almost nothing from the middle of his head all the way back to the middle of the back of his head...regardless, he insists that the transplants worked and that all he needs is one more....being desperate to stop my own hair from completely falling out I almost decided to use his doctor thinking that my hair would look better than his because I have more...little did I realize before reading your site that the reason he looks so bad is because of the transplants...not mother nature...clearly one day all of his natural hair will come out and he will have nothing but scars and weeds to show for his 25,000 investment....none of the websites on the net tell u this...they all make it sound like its the best thing since sliced bread...assuming your stories are true which I have no reason to disbelieve after seeing a transplant victim close up... thanks again for your insight.
May 26th, 2002

Dear "Dave"  

    Why would you have a section on your site that promotes rugs if your
message is the pitfalls of transplants?

    By the way, I've had 3 transplants and I'm happy about the results.  No,
it's not as asthetically pleasing as as I had never lost my hair, but it
beats being bald.   I have good donor hair and will probably have one or two
more operations in the next year.   It's too bad it didn't work for you, but
for you to conclude that transplants are too risky based on your own
experience is not a warranted conclusion.

     Also, your "before" photos are dark and much darker than your "after"
photos, probably hiding the extent of actual hair loss before the operations.
 Why play the games that doctors do (in their case, the "after" photos are
darker)??  Why not be upfront about it, instead of trying to exaggerate your


response: I am not trying to promote hair pieces or any other service.  This site offers advice and information based on my own experience and many others suffering from hair loss.  I have not retouched my before and after photos on this site in any way.  This result is a reality of hair transplantation.

May 14th, 2002

Hello David,

    Thank you for all of the advice on hair transplants.  I was thinking of getting it done, but after reading all of these nightmare stories, I think I'll just try going bald.  I would like to impart a few words on a procedure I did get.  Although I didn't get hair transplants I did go to The ..... Club for men.  This too is a terrible way to treat hair loss.  They promised to provide me with a hair system that would look natural and would give me the freedom to swim and other activities...NOT!! and the initial cost is about $1500 or more depending on how much they need to cover.  Well anyway I went and basically got a mop glued to the top of my head and was told, like you mentioned I would need to come back for additional work every 3-4 weeks.  I wasn't told this until I was finished with the initial hair gluing.  I was totally dissatisfied, but I signed a contract. boy was I sorry that $1500 turned into about $5000.00 It was a complete rip off. The only thing I can say I'm thankful for is they didn't damage my hair the way the other examples speak of.    I just wanted to pass on this experience and tell everyone considering other options to be careful and never sign up for something your not comfortable with.


    The Head Mop for Men Member


May 12th, 2001

Holy Cow!

I have been researching getting hair transplants for the last 3 months - I haven't been able to find ANYTHING on the web that speaks negatively about the process. I stumbled across your site, looking for something that presented the contrary view. I am extremely grateful that there is ANYONE with another side to this wonder-surgery.

Thanks for the information and the insight. I have not done anything about my hairloss - yet. Maybe I just won't.

Bald may not be beautiful, but it might be better than scarred. Thank you thank you thank you.

April 21st, 2001

I, too, am dissatisfied with my transplant results. I had a hair transplant 10 months ago and last week had a follow up. When I had my consultation last year Dr. xxxxx in Atlanta sold me on one of four possible packages small, medium, large and extra
large. He told me that a large session ($7,000) would be all I needed and the photos of other clients confirmed this. 

I do have transplanted hair today but it is 50 -60 percent thinner than what I was led to believe would happen or the photos indicated.

Last week, the doctor had the nerve to say with just one more session you should be good to go. I almost fell out of my chair. This -is not- what I was told last year.

I am going to contact the DA in Atlanta where Dr. xxxxx works and file a complaint, maybe some legal action. Any other men that you know of ever field a successful law suit for bogus transplant claims?
savannah, georgia

Hi David,

I think what you are doing is highly commendable. I only wish that when I had my "surgery" 14 years ago someone had done the same thing or talked me out of it. I was only 24 when I went to Bosley in San Francisco. I received an incredible hard sell and was told that the new hair would be as thick as the hair on the sides of my head and that I would never have to worry about hair loss again. I was an incredibly confident young man and thought that I was facing what I perceived to be a big problem head-on. 

Looking back at photos of me at the time my hair was not even that bad. But 
instead of telling me that and to wait they readily took my money and put 100 plugs just behind my hairline. Of course all the hair around the plugs fell out. It did grow back but much thinner and I believe the "surgery" increased the rate of hair loss over the next 14 years. I now have a lovely corn row patch on each side of my head. At this point I still have barely enough hair to conceal them, IF the wind doesn't blow and IF my hair does 
not get wet.  I rue the day I walked into that office. My life has been ruined and I 
truly feel as if they have stolen my spirit, my soul, and true joy of life.  And for what? A few thousand dollars! Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. Not a day goes by that I don't think about this. It is usually my first thought in the morning and last thought at night. I would give anything just to be able to shave my head.   OK enough on that. Do you know of any corrective surgery by reputable doctors?   Unfortunately I also have two ridges of scar tissue under the plugs in addition to the plug scars themselves and the donor scars.

Again thank you for this site and the voice you give people who have been through this.
 - xxxx

Note:  I hope to post info on corrective surgery in the near future.  Please check back.

Thank you so much for your web site. I was just about to schedule an appointment to have a hair transplant at the Bosney clinic in Atlanta when everything started going wrong with the appointment dates. I felt uneasy about having the procedure done and when I started asking questions at the clinic, I found that they gave different answers on the
phone than they did in person. I decided to do more research before getting the procedure and I found your web site. After reading the numerous horror stories, I have decided not to have the surgery.
Thanks so much!!!!



I just turned 33 recently, but when I first started thinning was about 17 yrs old...I knew it but I thought as long as no one else said anything about it I would ignore it. Then I turned 20 and by then my receding widow's peak started getting rapid, as well as I noticed the donut on the back of my head that in a short time I knew they were gonna meet up! at the time I started the regimen of working out to give me more confidence that I was fastly losing from my hair-loss...

Then everyone started commenting on my hair-loss and that was when it really hit home with me!.. so I started looking thru books and reading up on hair transplant's because I just could not see myself wearing any kind of wig! no matter what fancy name they give them! well as I mentioned I was working out and was an avid reader of the publication Muscle & Fitness, and I noticed all the glossed-up ads for Bosley Medical... well, naturally I think at the time (remember I'm 21 and desperate) wow! this is where all the bodybuilder's and movie-star's go and so will I!

I make a cost free consultation for their office in Dallas, Texas...they give me the hard sell with the "let's map out a plan for your hair-loss and future hair-loss" they tell me "your still awfully young so we need to propose this plan right here for your future, then after that we'll just need to do touch-up's!" the plan they proposed was the following... 280 large grafts (20 hairs, the old standard grafts) and 3 scalp reductions!! cost of 13,000 dollars! (remember in 1989 it was not as competitive as now and the going rate for a graft was 20-25 dollars) so naively, I pay the money and start the summer of hell tour 89!...

They tell me it will take 3 months to do all the first it was exciting to see hair fill in where it had left a few years back...but, then after the last procedure and a year later I had this one strip of hair in the front (ala Phil Collins) and the reductions had major stretch-back! (there were no grafting on the top or back of my head they said what the reduction did not take out they would add touch-up's later.. keyword "touch-up's") after 
the first year I had gotten married and this was weighing heavy on my mind, and 
I actually felt worse than I did before I had any procedure's done! well. I opted to go back in and meet the consultant (you know the one that wears the white doctor's coat and makes you feel he's a professional but anyone can do his job, (he's just a hired hand)... he takes his black comb out and parts and combs my hair in different directions to see the growth, then he calls for the doctor who comes in the room and does the same exact thing! he say's "500 more grafts and another scalp reduction!" by the way I didn't mention how cold and callous the dr. who performed my surgery was, he just wanted to talk about his kid's future and would cut my question's short. I left there that day feeling like I just bought a 13,000 hat!! emotionally it changed my life terribly! I got a divorce I felt insecure, I felt if I was somewhere and the wind blew it would blow my hat off and I would be found out!! 92 I actually call up the clinic (Bosley) and they have their main office in Beverly Hill's call me back in the form of their president at the time "Doctor xxxxxxx"....

We have a heated exchange, with him telling me by looking at my photo's in their file that my picture's look fine!... and I say "you know Polaroid camera's are so deceiving, the pictures you take with those camera's always have bad lighting!!" well he say's a few thing's and hangs-up on me!! shorten the story I'm 33 I have went thru 3 failed marriages because I feel inadequate and everyone I meet and date I have to always pick a time in our relationship to set them down and tell them my ordeal!... granted the older I get the easier it's taken but the damage is done and I've had this eating on me for 11yrs!!! and I still feel like I have a secret. I do not wish this fate on anyone out there or reading this!!..please...weigh your option's and don't become a statistic!....

I have the same horror stories as all of you have. I was butchered bad when young, but someone who had little or no experience. I have since gone through 4 more doctors, taking out old monstrous plugs. I have divots, scars, loss of self esteem and confidence. I wore my hair short since I was in college so to be able to shave it bald would be great right now, that is the way I like it. My scalp is so scarred that it hardly will take any new 
hair growth. It is pitiful that the first doctor can get away with this. I have been thinking of suing him and still may try. Meanwhile, I think of the way my personality has changes. Before, very confident, today, always worried about the grafts. It is something that won't go away.

Just wants to go back
Hi Dave,

I wanted to say thank you for posting these letters in regard to hair transplantation. I can personally relate to everything that you guys have gone through, for I am living with the ramifications of my hasty decision to endure hair transplants as well. I am somewhat comforted in the knowledge that I am not the only one who is regretfully living through this nightmare, and I appreciate you all sharing your experiences.

I was 19 years old when I started losing my hair. At the time, it was a humiliating and frightening experience that I thought about day and night. I was so traumatized by the thought of going bald, that while all of my friends were saving money for cars, I was saving my money for hair transplants. Yes! All I wanted to do was erase the tragic consequence of testosterone and conquer the enemy that left so many men feeling stripped and defeated. At 19, I believed that I knew everything, and I was determined to carry out my wish for a full head of hair no matter what the cost...

After months of religiously saving the money needed for the damned procedure, I made the appointment for consultation and was accepted as the 'perfect' candidate immediately. How any more perfect could I have been, a young guy so terrified by his hair loss that he was standing in front of this money hungry doctor with handfuls of cash just begging to be sliced and diced in hopes of regaining his lost sense of security by regaining his hair. I quickly scheduled the fateful procedure and could hardly wait for 
the day to come. I just knew that when I walked out of that office, I was walking into a new and complete life...

Immediately after the procedure, I though everything was great. At the age of 20, I still had plenty of hair to cover up the unsightly and sub-standard work done by that incompetent butcher that the US board of medicine calls a doctor. Although I was aware of the differences between the the 'new' hair and the 'old' hair, I was able to be confident due to the density of my remaining hair. However, as time progressed, my hair-line regressed, and that is where my nightmare begins...

I am now almost 26 years old and as with most individuals, age has brought me wisdom and a new level of confidence in myself. I am now completely comfortable with the fact that I am going bald, and I now shave the unsightly grafts that were implanted at the front of my scalp and keep my hair very short all over. I want so badly to shave my head completely, how awesome it would feel to get rid of all the hair that I have remained a 
captive to all my life. I am not the most unattractive guy in the world, and I have been asked countless times why I don't just shave it all off. I always get this sick feeling in my gut every time I think about the scars (two really thick scars that go nearly ear to ear across the back of my scalp) that keep preventing me from doing just that. These scars are of course in addition to the ones left by the plugs of hair inserted into my scalp across the front of my hair-line. All I want more than anything is to erase the scars left by the maniacal butcher that continue to remind me of my past mistakes and leave me self-conscious on a daily basis. If only I could now have the perfect bald head that would have once been a reality, I would indeed be happy...

If my letter is being read by anyone contemplating rather or not to go through with hair transplantation, I highly recommend that you DO NOT DO IT!  It has by far been the worst mistake of my life and not a day goes by that I do not regret it whole-heartedly!  Unfortunately, I will be left to deal with the scars forever, not only physically, but socially and emotionally as well...

I am 28 yrs old, I started losing my hair when I was 19 so my friends obviously bothered me nonstop. I stopped going out and was very insecure, I heard about this great doctor (yeah right) called Dr. Kassimir. He supposedly did Sly Stallone , Nick Cage (who by the way did have a lot of transplants , and still his hair is way to thin for me) etc. I went to this doctor when I was 22, I had 4 sessions (luckily of only 25-30 grafts each) every time I went back he told me how great it looked, meanwhile I was very dissatisfied. Fortunately my story has a very happy ending.

I started shaving my head 2 years ago , and I could not be happier. I do have 3 long scars on my head, which I was very insecure about, but believe me they are not as bad as WE THINK they are (not mine anyway). I am very happy, I meet plenty of women, and I actually joke about my scars now. I am lucky that my transplants were on my crown area. I only had 15 micros in the front, that are not noticeable when I shave them.
The plugs in the back are noticeable, but I have accepted them and the scars (seriously). Anyone that is considering shaving their head please feel free to e-mail me.  I know what you guys are going through. I am so happy I could finally be myself. Bald is definitely in, and will continue to be until there is a NON SURGICAL solution.

Rogaine and Propecia?  Why does Karl Malone shave his head if Rogaine is so good. None of that works. Anyone considering transplants, don't do it. It is NEVER like your real hair. If transplants were so good how come ANDRE AGGASI didn't do it , he has the money. By THE WAY who gets more women AGGASI or Pete Sampras, with all that hair. 

My worst decision in my life was doing the transplants , I lost 6 years of the best years of my life because of it. My best decision was shaving it all off. I wish the scars were not there, but mine are not that bad.  I get many compliments on my shaved head. I suggest everyone take a look at the actors BILLY ZANE web page, you guys tell me if he looks better with hair or with his head shaved. He is only losing a little hair and he is a perfect candidate, he looks better with the shaved head, as do I, unfortunately I didn't realize this when I was 20 years old.

Also anyone that goes to these transplant places, ASK TO SEE IN PERSON A COMPLETED PICTURE OF A STAGE 6 , no one will show you one because they are way too thin... And almost everyone becomes a stage 6. 

Almost no one is ever satisfied with a hair transplant, they always go back for more sessions. I used to be friends with a guy that works for NU-HART, he had 4 sessions (2800 grafts) and his hair is still very thin. His brother shaves his head and gets much more pussy than him (if anyone does not believe me ask for Dennis at NU-HART, and ask him what his brother does with his hair.

If anyone that has done the surgery and is seriously considering shaving their head feel free to e-mail me at Someone has got to let people know the truth, many of the pictures ARE  tampered with, and many of us do this surgery out of desperation.

Bald is not that bad if you keep your hair very short, or shave it completely.

I'm a 33-years-old. I got my first hair transplant when I was 29. I had a good deal of frontal hair, but the bald spot at the back of my head was steadily expanding toward the front. As a vain young man, I hoped to salvage my looks. I've seen the obvious "bad" hair transplants, so I did extensive research and found the Bosley Medical Group to be the most reputable. It was also the most expensive. Over the past four years, I've already spent more than $18,000 for 1,500 graphs! I'll soon be returning for a final session. However, it's now clear that the capabilities of hair transplantation are EXTREMELY limited and the irreversible results are disappointing at best.

My occupation requires that I work outside, but I can't wear a hat. I am constantly meeting people and have become very self-conscious about the way my hair looks now. My hair is very fine and even though I cut it short, it blows freely in the wind. And even when I'm indoors, I feel it looks unnatural. I'm beginning to wonder how bad the scarring would look if I shaved head bald completely bald.

As I continue to loose my original hair, I feel the transplants are becoming more obvious. And I live in dread knowing it will only get worse. At this stage in my life, I would much rather bald gracefully than suffer this constant anxiety and humiliation. My hair has become an obsession. It pervades EVERYTHING I do and everything I plan to do. I can never relax. When I'm invited to a party or restaurant, I hope it will be a dark setting. If I'm not happy with the way it looks now, how will I feel 20 years from now?
My decision to have hair transplants was a monumental mistake that will continue haunt me for the rest of my life.
 How I wish I had found your web site before I had hair transplant surgery 7 weeks ago.
Within two days after my procedure, it was clear that I had lost most of the hair that had been growing on the top of my head. I assumed that this hair had been cut away, so that the surgeon and nurses would be able to easily locate the surgical incisions into which the grafts needed to be inserted. When I asked the surgeon about this 10 days after the procedure, he indicated that no hair had been cut away, and that I had as much hair growing on the top of my head as I did before the procedure was performed. He suggested that the color of my scalp was different as a result of the surgery and that it only appeared to me as if I had less hair growing on the top of my head.

Now, 7 weeks later, there is no question in my mind, or in the minds of anyone who knows me well, that I have lost most of the hair that was on top of my head before the procedure was performed. The little bit of hair that remains is thin and brittle and will soon fall out. This hair was healthy and vibrant before the procedure was done. I see no evidence that the hair I lost is growing back. I'm assuming that I lost it shortly after the procedure was performed due to shock.

I had over 800 grafts implanted. The scarring on the back of my head from which donor skin and hair was obtained is substantially scarred. My experience, thus far, is that the hair above the donor site does not cover the scarring as well as I had hoped. Perhaps that will change as I continue to heal.

I am supposed to have an additional 600 - 800 grafts implanted in about 4 to 6 months. Based upon your research, and my own initial experience, I wouldn't dream of proceeding with additional transplants. 

I am reserving final judgment until the beginning of July, the point at which 6 months will have passed from the date of my surgery.

In the event that the hair I lost is not restored, and the surgery produces unacceptable results, can you give me the name and phone number of a company in or around Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in the lace front hair replacement system?

Do you have any comments or advice concerning my experience, thus far? All things considered, I wish that I had not had the procedure done. Although I read many articles, I didn't discover your site until it was too late.

I appreciate the work you are doing. 

I was 23, insecure and dreading losing my hair. I had about 6-7 sessions in a 10 year period. Now at 32, I wish I were bald. I would have shaved my head. Now i'm embarrassed because I'm not the same person 10 years ago. I have plenty of confidence and esteem about myself but the past tells a different story. I should have never done it. hoping for a reversal process. thanks for listening.


Dear Dave,

I too had problems with transplants.  I went to Dr. Sword in Torrance & got 350 grafts done, which he said would be enough to take care of my minor thinning hair loss.  Eight months later I did not notice any fair results as he had promised.  I went back & compared before & after pictures that he had taken.  It was very clear to me that the before & after pictures were almost identical.  However, Dr. Sword disagreed.  It was as if we were looking at 2 different photos.  I thought I was loosing my mind.  In the before photos he had my hair parted apart, and it was wet.  But when he compared it, he did not part or wet my hair.  I told him that if I wet my hair & part it as he did, the loss would still be evident.  I could not get him to see my point of view.  He talked me into another procedure of 550 grafts, which he said for sure that would satisfy me.  Well, it's been about 8 months, and the results are totally insignificant!!!  I'm out $1000s of dollars with very little results.  I don't know what other alternatives I have that would be permanent & satisfying.  Any suggestions?  What about Propecia? 



I was the only one out of 5 boys in my family that was losing his hair.  With a little research I decided to do something about it.  I kept my first procedure a secret from everyone when I got back.  At 26, I  was thinning, but was able to disguise the remaining hair sufficiently so you couldn't tell what I did.  In the following 2 years I did 5 more sessions and I just got back from my 7th.  I'm spending all this money to try to fix a mistake in my younger years ($12,000).  It looked fine and things went well for about 5 years.  As time went on I started to loose hair around my transplants and as a result, an island started to develop on my head.  Now I'm 36, and the way I feel about myself now vs 26 is different.  I could care less about losing my hair, but unfortunately, it's like I live on a double edged sword.  I'm going severely bald and it's also obvious I have had transplants. 
I envy bald people who crew cut what remaining hair they have because at least they have a smooth head, and those with a full head of hair.  I would love to buzz my head to about an eighth of an inch, but can't because of all the plugs on my head.  It looks like someone went golfing up there due to all the divots and this is something they don't tell you in the office.  I know I can honestly deal with baldness now, because it's happening anyway.  People go through it and it's no big deal to me.  I dirt bike, water ski, swim, snow board, and a buzzed head would be very functional for me. But instead, I have to perform a ten minute ritualistic, masterful piece of artwork with the hair spray and brush after every shower, plus live with the fact that both you and me can tell I got transplants and deal with that fact everyday of my remaining mortal life.  All I really wanted to do is grow old gracefully, but can't.  How I wish to God I never stepped foot into that office!!  It has damaged and hurt me in ways I just can't even get into.  I would never do this if I were you unless you could see someone who has already done it up close.  Some people can be good subjects for transplants, but I wasn't one of them even though they said I was.
    Good luck to ya,


I am 43 now, when I was 19 I started losing my hair line, I saw an add in the tv guide about hair transplants giving you back your own natural hair, so I fell for the bait and got 60 grafts, yes the old big ones, that's when my nightmare began. That was the worst day of my life and continues still today.  I went to Cleveland hair clinic in Chicago. They were real nice to give me a hair line of an 8 year old. I've mostly been able to cover them with the old pullover, but not anymore, so on Oct 26, 2000, I am going to get them removed 
by a plastic surgeon with a brow lift from both sides, this will be three surgeries... one to remove three rows, then another to finish off the rows, and then one more to perfect the scar I will be left with... about 8 inches long but that will be better than the shit on my head now.  Than then I am going to get the back fixed that will require 2 surgeries to remove the scars.  I still can't see how they can get away with purposely disfiguring 
people!  Shit man, be bald and be happy, accept it, I wish I would have , its 
been 24 years for me that's enough.


another life stolen


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