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Please note: the paintings on this page are NOT for sale or reproduction. You may order prints of "In The Enemy's Country" (shown below) and "Custer's Last Stand". (Click here for the order form). The paintings can be individually enlarged for detailed viewing by clicking on the images below. E.S. PAXSON FRONTIER ARTIST, the limited edition biography, can be ordered directly from the author. After viewing the paintings, click the order button at the bottom of this page. To view more artwork, click here: GALLERY 2-Paxson Sketches.

"In the Enemies Country"
Watercolor, 1905, Missoula County Art Collection,managed by the Art Museum of Missoula. Donated by Hawthorne Elementary School, 1976
Available as a limited edition print
Oil, 1904
University of Montana
Missoula, Montana
"Pon da Rey"
Watercolor, 1915
Private collection
The painting was originally sold by the artist for twenty dollars
"Louison, Sub-chief and judge of the Flatheads"
Oil, 1914
Los Angeles Athletic Club Collection

The Death of John Bozeman
Oil, 1898
Private Collection
Charlot, Chief of the Flathead
Oil on canvas, 1910
Loaned by the Missoula Women's Club to the Missoula County Art Collection, managed by the Art Museum of Missoula
"Young Sitting Bull"
Watercolor and Guache, 1915
Private Collection
"Beaver Dick"
Reprint from Outdoor Life Illustration

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