How many kb in a mb?

Technical... Bytes to KB:
OK the story is that 1KB is 1000 bytes. Not true, it's actually 1024 bytes but 1KB is close enough. (within 2.5 percent) there are 1000 KB (kilobytes) in 1 MB (megabyte) or 1,000,000 bytes. K is usually referring to hard memory or actual ram and usually referenced as 1k, 4k, 16, 32k, 64k and on up while KB refers to storage capacity which brings us to the 1.44mb floppy. As you probably figured out by now it will hold 1,440,000 bytes or about a million and half, not much considering the new hard drives are now in the GB range (Gigabytes which is thousands of MB):

1 GB = 1000MB
1MB = 1000KB
1 KB = 1000 bytes