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American Indian College Fund - (Native AmericanCharity) (1995) Ongoing support for educational charity. Press releasesfor events.

American Red Cross - Color Me Red (WGA RegisteredConcept) (1995) Marketing and live event concept licensed to the AmericanRed Cross designed to launch a new “image” campaign. Lyrics:  Color Me Red

AboutFaceInternational - (Charity Event) (1994)Produced their first Halloween Celebrity event for this international charitybenefiting children with facial differences. Held at the Hollywood AthleticClub on Universal's City Walk, Universal, CA. Provided media coverage,fundraising, wrote and distributed press releases, solicited sponsors.Attended by over 100 name celebrity talents of the Science Fiction andHorror entertainment community. Hosted by Michael Berryman, co-hostedby Reggie Bannister.

BuffaloNation/Cold Mountain/Cold Rivers  - (NativeAmerican Activist Charities) (1996-present) Ongoing support of this activistclient opposing the commercial slaughter of the Yellowstone Buffalo. Wrote and published press releases via media and internet. Organized NativeAmerican participation in national events, Calls to Action, letter writingand telephone campaigns, fund raising, political editorials, televisionappearances. Produced in-house music video/commentary (See Love That'sGone) incorporating footage loaned by charities (courtesy of MikeMease).

CaliforniaAssociation of Legal Secretaries - (Non-profitProfessional Association) (1994) Produced Minimum Continuing Legal Educationprogram for members of the legal community.

CreationEntertainment (Entertainment ProductionCompany) (1994-present) Ongoing association.  Book celebrities ofthe science fiction and horror entertainment community for personal appearancesat conventions and live events. (See also Hollywood Charity Horse Show)Guest liaison services.

CrewConnection (Production Crew Agency)Registered as subcontractor for production services to their clients onWest Coast. Location scout, location manager, production coordinator, casting,site negotiations. (see also Federicci Video)

Deep Spirit Productions (Independent ProductionCompany) Developed budget and prospectus for 1 hour documentary feature.Production office coordination services. (When Buffalo Roam)

DiJulio & King (General Practice LawFirm) Media Liaison for high-profile civil rights case involving referee,CIF, Mayor Omar Bradley and attorney Johnny Cochran. Screenedmedia, wrote and issued press releases, organized and attended press conferences.Also perform legal research on contract basis.

Federal Express (Beta SP) - Production Manager, Crew (camera, sound, lighting), catering.  Shot on location in Western Digital, Irvine and Custom Craft, Cerritos.  Customer satisfaction interviews for annual sales conference.

FedericciVideo, Inc. - Zeneca Pharmaceuticals -(Beta SP - 30 min) Production Manager, Location Manager, Casting and 1stAssistant Director on industrial video featuring comedic host, LarryMiller. Shot on location in Long Beach, California.

FuturesFor Children - (Charity) Charity benefitingthe educational needs of Native American children. Provided programming(see "Hollywood Charity Horse Show") and cast Native American dancers torepresent Future's segment in event.  Wrote and provided press releasesand media announcements. Ongoing working relationship.

Glendale/BurbankLegal Secretaries Association (Non-ProfitProfessional Organization) (1992-present) Founding member. Consulting andorganizing fundraising and educational events.  “Career Day," Ways& Means projects, Attorney-Legal Secretary Softball Challenge. Articlesand press releases for major events. Develop event budgets, negotiate eventsites, contracts, organize volunteers and program schedules.

Global YouthResources Organization (G.Y.R.O.) (Non-ProfitCharity) (1994-present) Charity organization designed to deter gang activity and drug use by teens.  Provide celebrity personal appearances forannual haunted houses.

Ground Control Studios (1998) Domain name webpage design for this sound studio serving the motion picture and music industry.  Currently under construction.

HollywoodCharity Horse Show: Reining Royale -(CharityEvent) (1997/1998) Clients: Ahead With Horses - Creation Entertainment- Lemli Productions - Futures for Children  . Cast Native Americantradition and fancy dancers for annual charity event hosted by WilliamShatner benefiting several children's charities. Organized programming,negotiated fees, managed talent, wrote and distributed press releases.

Home Spun, Inc. (Marketing Company) (1994-present)Subcontract to develop, write and critique direct mail marketing packagesfor financial privacy, stock investment, and informational clients, includingDan Rosenthal & Associates.

Starway International/Silver Spheres Corp. - Phantasm IV: Infinity:(35 MM Feature Film - 90 min.) Special Effects Make-up Coordinator(Credited) for horror cult classic by Star Way International/SilverSphere Corp. under the direction of Don Coscarelli. Also performedother minor (uncredited) miracles: Assistant to Stunts, Make-up Assistant,Wardrobe Assistant, Temporary 1st AD, Craft Services, Continuity, SpecialEffects blood work, Extras Casting, Extras Wrangling, Location Manager,First Aid, Assistant to Mr. Bannister, Directors Assistant. Producers Assistant.Negotiated talent and music contracts.  Assisted in other productionrequirements. Organized pre-release promotional activities.

Steno-Tran.Com - (1998) Domain name website design. Currently under construction.

Sterling Entertainment - Love That'sGone (3/4” Video - 6 mins.)  Co-writer, Co-producer, wardrobe,casting, production manager, location manager for music video with NativeAmerican theme performed by Reggie Bannister; Native American dancersand drummers; cameo appearances by Vernon Wells and Saginaw Grant.

Starcon - Toys `n Stuff (CelebrityMedia Event) Booked celebrities and (personally appear) at autograph collectorsconvention in Pasadena, CA. Issue press releases. Ongoing working relationship.

Stop It You're Killing Me!  (Independent film) Haxen Entertainment production.  Horror film.  Reggie Bannister wrote and performed title song, "Stop It You're Killing Me!"

Piezo, Inc. - (Live Infomercial Event)(1996/97) Developed audio visual materials for food investment franchiseprogram. Contracted to produce event, organized logistics, press conference,press releases, and oral presentation.


LoveThat's Gone (Music Short Video - 10 min.) Wrote and co-producedmusic video and commentary protesting the ongoing slaughter of the YellowstoneBuffalo. Provided services as wardrobe, casting, production manager, locationmanager.  Cast includes Native American dancers and traditional drummers,music performed by ReggieBannister, commentary by Gigi Porter cameo appearances byVernon Wells and Saginaw Grant. A portion of proceeds benefitNative American charities. Shot on location in Big Bear and Catalina, CA.

NightmarezCafe™ (Cable Access TV - 30 min.) Co-producer, co-writer, hostessof half-hour horror chat show series hosted by comedic character, Vampithe Vegetarian Vampire™, with interviews of celebrity guests ofthe independent horror and sci-fi film industry, remotes and behind-the-scenesegments. Own digital in-house production and edit team. Hailedas the “Tonight Show” of the horror/sci-fi market.

Fool's Paradise (Music CD) Co-producedmusic CD for Reggie B & the Jizz Wailin Ya Doggies. ReggieBannister performed and composed music. Developed intellectual propertycontracts. Ongoing promotions.

Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire (Script) Adventuresof a Native American vegetarian vampire who calls upon her animal spiritsand fellow friends to battle an evil force.

Come Sit By My Fire (WGA Registered Script)A Native American feature about teens lead from gang activities throughthe stories of a Shaman. (Kung Fu Native American Style.)

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Historical landmarks where  Phantasm IV:Oblivon was filed in the Alabama Hills and have performed live music concerts for local festivals.   Known for Native American Indian Petraglyphs, old cemetaries, authentic cowboy shoot outs, open desert, located dead center of highest (Mt. Whitney) and lowest (Death Valley) point in North America.

Phantasm IV: Oblivion, Starway International, Ground Control Studios.

Phantasm IV: Oblivion - Angeles Abbey Cemetary.

Love That's Gone - Regional Park - Native American Dancers, Federal Express - Western Digital - Customer satisfaction interviews.

Federicci Video - Zeneca Pharmaceuticals - Westin Hotel... "Sexy Hollywood Pool Scene," Nightmarez Cafe - Naga Restaurant, Rhea Cafe, Sunnyside Cemetary.

Phantasm IV: Oblivion - Beach sunset shot.

Phantasm IV: Oblivon.  Authentic Civil War Camp Reinactment.