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Witbeck Family Burying Ground
Latham, Town of Colonie, Albany County, New York
Resting place of Lt. John L. Witbeck, Revolutionary War Veteran



Who's There
Maria Miller
John L. Witbeck
Gertrude Witbeck
Helena Witbeck
Lucas I. Witbeck
wife, Harriet
John L. Vandenbergh
Elizabeth Witbeck
Isaac F. Witbeck
before -1855

There is at least one unidentified stone. Other possible burials include Lucas Witbeck, his wife, Geertruy Lansing Witbeck, and two Clute family burials circa 1749.

Data from R. Arthur Johnson/Marilyn Gagnon.


Looking through the chain-link gate by the road, you can see the culvert under Route 7. Open the gate and head toward the culvert (there was a path mowed to it the last time I was there). Walking through, all you can hear is the faint sound of autos above and the crunch of your footsteps. It's dark in the middle but no flashlight is needed—you probably wouldn't want to see anything more clearly in there anyway! Keep your head down if you're over 5'11".


The Culvert under State Route 7.

Coming out of the other side, look up the hill - a little to the left - and you will see the cemetery fence if it isn't entirely overgrown. Hike up to the gate and enter the cemetery. I hope you have worn long pants, as there are many raspberry bushes and nettles. Wade through to the forked tree in the middle (see photo below). A few feet to the right is a stone whose markings are gone or maybe it is face-down. It's the only stone I could find in mid-summer, perhaps more can be seen in the spring or fall.


At the gate looking into the Witbeck family burial ground. Slightly overgrown.


Interstate 87 Northbound and Southbound: Take Exit 7 onto State Route 7 and immediately take the exit for US 9. Continue straight across Loudon Road (you will now be on Sparrowbush Road) for about an eighth of a mile. Turn right onto Old Sparrowbush Road. Park at the bend in the road.

State Route 7 Westbound: Take exit for US 9 (Loudon Road). Turn right onto Loudon and cross over Route 7. Turn right onto Sparrowbush Road and continue for about an eighth of a mile. Turn right onto Old Sparrowbush Road. Park at the bend in the road.


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