1916 — 1989

As recorded by
Virginia Kussee Peterson Cole
— 1989 —

“We didn't have much money, but there wasn't enough money in the world to buy one of you.”
–Julia RB Peterson, 1989–

ABOVE: Julia Peterson and her “Treasures” abt. 1969
back: l to r; Mary, Howard, Janice, Dennis, Jess, Gerald & Charlotte
front: Julia & Walter

Origin of this history:

To quote Virginia Cole
This is the story of a REMARKABLE woman! She had made the best of her circumstances and was happy and content no matter what the physical discomforts. She is humble, religious, has great strength of character and is dedicated to her family, genealogy and is known in the family as a “ Master Peacemaker.”

When this class project began, Julia and I talked on the telephone. She answered questions, we laughed and cried. I began to transcribe a cassette tape she sent me. As I was compiling another list of questions to ask her, this loving, sweet woman died suddenly ... busily engaged in life as she always was.

The details of her death are not important. The example she set for her 7 children, their spouses, her 27 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren is what has held this family together. Her memory will continue to do so.

I am thankful for this writing assignment as portions of the transcribed text were read at her funeral ...

I learned too late not to delay writing histories. The questions I wanted to ask her will never be answered.

Thanks you, Julia – mother-in-law, mother and friend – for all you taught me ... especially how to love unconditionally.

April 29, 1989


Page 1 - In the beginning, there was Julia
Page 2 - Father's Death and ensuing poverty
Page 3 - Different schools, different homes
Page 4 - Onward to High School graduation
Page 5 - Her mother remarries
Page 6 - Julia meets a (tall, dark) handsome stranger
Page 7 - Her Oak City Home
Page 8 - Then came children!!!!!!!


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