The Music of Dobie Gillis

One outstanding aspect of the Dobie Gillis TV show was its incredibly hip jazz score written by the late Lionel Newman. Newman's background scoring featured the craziest scat singing and bebop harmonies ever heard on a mainstream sitcom. Click here (70k) to download a short .wav sample of one of Newman's scatted segues!

The lyrics to the main theme were written by Max Shulman himself. The Dobie Home Page has obtained an extremely rare studio recording of the complete main theme! So now, for the first time anywhere, have a listen to the long-lost missing lyrics of the first stanza of The Dobie Gillis Theme Song as never before heard on TV!

Dobie! Wants a little cutie,

Dobie! Wants a little beauty,

Dobie! Wants a girl to call his own

Any size, any style, any eyes, any smile,

Any Jean, any Jane, any Joan

Oh Dobie! Wants a girl who's dreamy

Dobie! Wants a girl who's creamy

Dobie! Wants a girl to call his own!

Is she blonde? Is she tall?

Is she dark? Is she small?

Is she any kind of dreamboat at all?

No matter! He's her's and her's alone!

© 1959 Max Shulman & Lionel Newman

By now, any Dobie collector worth his salt is probably thinking "I wonder what's on the flip side of that rare 45 single?" Well of course Dobie doesn't go anywhere without his good buddy Maynard G. Krebs! Now for the first time anywhere, you can listen to Lionel Newman's original instrumental jazz composition: Maynard's Caper!

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