The Most Dangerous Man Alive

It is over twelve years ago since JOHN BULL first exposed the corrupting infamies of that arch-traitor, debauchee and drug-fiend, Aleister Crowley, whose unspeakable malpractices are said to have driven his former wife and at least one other of his victims mad, while they have already ruined the lives of numerous cultured and refined women and young men, one of whom - a brilliant young writer and University man -has just died under mysterious circumstances at Crowley's so-called "Abbey" of Thelema, in Cefalu.

Crowley, spirit incarnate of devilry, has a long record of black and treacherous infamy. Educated at Cambridge, the sacred pillars of which he was not fit to touch, he travelled a great deal in his youth and, some twenty years ago, established himself in a remote part of Scotland, some miles north of Fort William. Here he built a Temple of Mystery, in which he carried on his revolting malpractices, under the guise of studying the Cabala. At this time he described himself as the laird of Boleskine.

Later he went to China, and returned to England to open another sexual chamber of horrors in London.

When war came, Crowley left his London life of lust and lechery, and disdainfully discarded his many ruined and disgraced pupils. Like so many other British traitors, he found refuge in America, where, with a variety of aliases, he gave himself up to the service of Germany.

After the Great War, Crowley established himself in the village of Cefalu, on the island of Sicily, where he continued his abhorrent lifestyle at his so-called "Abbey" of Thelema.   This "Abbey" is a hotbed of vile blasphemies and degradation, where the only "worship" is devoted to Satanism and black magic.

Some of Crowley's assets, besides an uncanny influence over, and unholy attraction for women, are a very persuasive tongue, a glib and deceptive hypocrisy, and - on occasion - a most ingratiating manner. Many highly intelligent women - and even men - have been convinced that the Master Therion (as Crowley calls himself) is a Saint, to discover too late a devil possessed of indubitable occult powers. It is these mysterious powers which, used as they are, make Crowley the most dangerous man alive.

Let us hope that the Italian authorities will see fit to put an end to his unbroken string of indecencies and force Mr. Crowley to exchange his "monastic" cell for a prison cell!

                                                                                                                                                                  - JOHN BULL, Mar. 10, 1923