Page 53 From: The Haldeman Diaries - Inside the Nixon White House

by H. R. Haldeman - copyright 1994 by The Haldeman Family Trust

Published by G.P. Putman's Sons

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Friday, April 25, 1969

To Camp David at 4:00, Mitchell and J. Edgar Hoover as guests. All of us at Aspen for dinner and movie. Talk centered around all the bad guys "they" have infiltrated into everywhere, especially State. Hoover full of hair-raising reports about all this, plus terrible problem in the courts, etc. He is a real lobbyist, and never quits. And never hesitates to chop everyone else in the process.

VP called just before dinner and said had to talk to P. He took the call. Later called me into bedroom to report, furious, that all he wanted was some guy to be Director of Space Council. May turn out to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. He just has no sensitivity, or judgment about his relationship with P. After movie we were walking home and P called me back, again to ponder the Agnew problem, and that of general area of Cabinet relationships. He's not really sure how to handle. His instinct is to be very distant and unavailable, but people tell him he needs more contact and this bothers him, because he thinks he may be handling wrong. Real problem is that none of them except Mitchell really knows how to relate to him.


Monday, April 28, 1969

Got into a deep discussion of welfare, trying to think out the Family Security decision, with E and me (welfare reform had been one of P's campaign issues). P emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to. Problem with overall welfare plan is that it forces poor whites into same position as blacks. Feels we have to get rid of the veil of hypocrisy and guilt and face reality.

Pointed out that there has never in history been an adequate black nation, and they are the only race of which this is true. Says Africa is hopeless, the worst there is Liberia, which we built.


Tuesday, April 29, 1969

A day full of little appointments, but still quite a little free time in between, especially during the noon break. Called me in several times to talk about position about student disorders. Became clear he was toying with the idea of using this as the subject of his Chamber of Commerce appearance this afternoon. He was completely disenchanted with the suggested remarks prepared for him, so felt he had to do his own, and has been anxious to speak out again about students, because things have gotten much worse and more widespread since his last statement.

Net result was that during noon break he tried out his ideas on me, I made some suggestions, and he hit it hard at the Chamber of Commerce. Great success with the audience, and P got a tremendous reception. Made very clear [to page 54]