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Part Cross Reference

Here is a partial list of some part numbers that cross reference over to the Indian Chief. The light numbers that Indian uses are not standard numbers, so as I find out the right numbers for them I will list them also.

  • Speedometer lights - #158 (a 2 watt light) failure to use this light might melt your speedo from the heat of a higher wattage bulb. Also, donít buy the LED replacements for the 158 light as they are too directional inside of the speedo. I didnít like it when I tried it and you probably wonít either, as it makes the speedo only light up on the sides, and is very dim up at the top around the 70 mph mark.
  • The bulb for the War Bonnet is a #1816, a courtesy/dome light. My original didnít even make the trip from the dealership to home before it went out. I replaced it with one of these, and have not had another problem
  • Of course, the tail light bulb is the old stand by #1157
  • While we are on lights, I havenít been able to find a direct replacement bulb for the Chief Driving Lights yet. The stock bulbs are a 25 watt H3 design bulb. I found some 55 watt H3 bulbs from WalMart for only 5 bucks a piece, and have not had any problems running them yet. It might be best to run a relay for these, just to keep the Thunderheart module happy. The local Harley Stealership wanted $29 for a similar bulb, yep ONE bulb. You do the math.......
  • Part # 71555-90 at your local Harley Stealership will get you a nice chrome ignition switch ring for only $7.75
  • Here is something that will give your throttle wrist a break. Go down to the local Harley Stealership, and purchase the throttle lock screw kit that fits a 2000 Road King. After you chase the threads of our chrome controls, to remove the excess chrome flashing, it fits in there real nice. Donít forget what they call the friction spring, part # 56396-74A. It is a piece of plastic that makes the whole thing work safely. This whole setup will cost you less than 8 bucks, and only takes a few minutes to install.
  • Alternatives to the Indian oil filter include buying any standard ďEvolutionĒ oil filter, or try using one of the following:
    • Fram 6022
    • Purolator # ML16822
    • K&N KN171C, the nice thing about this filter is that it has a chrome nut welded on the end, making it real easy to remove.
  • To get the oil filter off, try going to AutoZone and picking up a OEM brand oil filter wrench, part number 25017
  • Since we are talking about filters, here is a good filter number to use. K&N part number E-3226 fits the S&S air box perfectly. Sure beats the heck out of that cheesy looking stock filter we have. The suggested price is about $41, but if you go to , they have them for only about $29, quite a savings.
  • If you have starter problems, and trace it down to the starter relay, try putting in a Ford relay. The part number is F5TZ/14N089B. This is supposed to be better than the stock ThunderHeart unit. A Borg-Warner relay part # R3179 is also supposed to work.
  • If the stock dip stick is giving you fits because it doesnít fit, a great alternative is to use a Chrome Specialties Oil Tank Temperature Dip Stick. The part number for this tight fitting, non-leaking piece of chrome is 270045, and it is made to fit Soft Tails 1984 and up, or Sportsters 1982 and up.
  • If your ignition switch craps out, try your local auto parts store for a Borg-Warner switch, #CS2. I hear they are under $10.