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    Hey everyone! Here's my custom made LCG "Low Center of Gravity" upper-deck conversion. I designed and machined the entire conversion myself. I'm sorry to say that I do NOT make this conversion for selling. I wish I could but I wouldn't have the time. The entire project cost me about $70 and took about a week to design and build. Handling improvements are noticeable but not drastic. The car feels more stable through the corners. My main objective was to design a clean-looking RS4 with performance in mind.

    My car is also equipped with a custom-made Carbon Fiber upper bumper brace. I replaced the RS42 lower bumper mount for the MINI lower mount. The upper brace is mounted to the lower MINI bumper mount via column joint. The upper brace is also supported to the front diff bulkhead. This allows the foam bumper to absorb impact more evenly. i.e.  Most of the impact is distributed to the foam bumper instead of bending your lower composite bumper mount. (Pictures coming soon!)

Materials and components used:

2 mm Carbon Fiber Sheet for the deck

Thin sheet of plexiglass (for test fitting deck, not used for actual upper-deck)

5 cell nimh flat pack battery

Kyosho V-one S gas tank (part#92801B)

Tools used:

Dremel high-speed drill

Heavy Duty Cutoff Wheel # 420

1/8" Shank Sanding bit # 407

1/8" Shank Chain Saw Sharpening Grinding bit # 453

If you attempt to build your own LCG conversion, please be aware that you are responsible for your own safety. Make sure to always use safety goggles when drilling with the Dremel. When machining with Carbon Fiber, carbon dust will fly everywhere. Make sure to work in a well ventilated area, preferably with a fan that can blow the carbon dust away from you. Carbon dust may be harmful if inhaled.  This modification should not be attempted if you are not sure about using a Dremel tool!

Aaron Ogawa

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