THIS CLUB BEGAN OPERATION IN THE CLAREMONT GRADUATE SCHOOL LOCATION IN JULY 1992. You are invited to meet with us on Sunday nights at our new time of 5:30 PM and our new location at The Claremont Forum, 532 W. First St., Claremont, California. For more information, contact President Dolores Weck at or phone 909-982-3430.

CLUB 7213 AGAIN EARNED THE PRESIDENTS DISTINGUISHED CLUB AWARD FOR THE JULY 1, 2006 THRU JUNE 30, 2007, ACHIEVING ALL 10 GOALS.      Congratulations to our members for working together to earn this achievement.


Our next meeting will be held on July 1, 2007 at the Claremont Forum, address information below.  For this meeting only, WE WILL BE STARTING AT 6 PM, rather than 5:30 PM, so members can attend the District 12 Installation Luncheon.


In April we moved to our new location in the new business district in Downtown Claremont.  Our new address will be The Packing House, Claremont Forum, 532 West First Street (two blocks west of Indian Hill, just above the railroad tracks, Southeast corner of First and Cornell.  We are looking forward to working with the Claremont Forum to provide more educational events for Claremont residents, and for nearby cities.


CONGRATULATIONS to RANIA SULTAN for reviving the Master Motivator Newsletter.  I recommend that you read it, its great.  You can find it at Master Motivators Newsletter



The new club officers for the July 1 thru December 30, 2007 term are as follows:  President - Sayeed Shaikh; Vice President Education - Javier Torrez-Plascentia; Vice President Membership - Chris Styles; Vice President Public Relations - Murty Rallabhandi; Secretary - Tomoko Misawa; Treasurer - Veronica Enriquez; Sergeant at Arms - Tim Olmsted and Robin Owens.  Congratulations and Best Wishes to our new officers, whose goal is to maintain (according to Sayeed Shakh) Club 7213 as the "Bestest Club in the World".


Since July 1 three club members achieved their DTM awards:  Betsy Wills (her first), Sayeed Shaikh (his second and third).  This is an extra special accomplishment since less than half a percent of members ever earn one DTM.  We had a special DTM ceremony on Sunday, August 20 for Betsy Wills, and a special DTM ceremony for Sayeed Shaikh was held on November 19.

Those members who have earned DTMs previously are  Kay Mellen, Rose Nicewarner, Linda Russell, Sayeed Shaikh (3), Lois Sicking, Richard Snyder (5), Chuck Weck (7), and Dolores Weck.


Our club representative to the Area A3 contest Srinivas Rani won the International Speech Contest.  He went on to compete at the Division A contest on April 21st, at the Presbyterian Church in Upland in the morning, and was awarded Second Place.  He will thus be the alternate at the District 12 Contest on the Afternoon of May 4, 2007.  Congratulations to Srinivas for this achievement.

The Club Contests were held in February, and the International Speech Contest winner was Rania Sultan, but since she also won first place in another club, she will represent them.  Our Club representative was Srinivas Rani.  The Table Topics Contest winner was Murty Rallabhandi.  Our next club contest will be held in September.  They will be Humorous Speech and Evaluation.  Congratulations to Srinivas and Murty!!!


Those members achieving educational awards between July 1, 2006 and January 1 were: CCs - An Trinh, Beth Lambert, Elizabeth Rothner, Dolores Weck, and Sayeed Shaikh; AC-B:  Tressa Kentner and Chuck Weck; CL: Jim Bostwick; AL: Sayeed Shaikh; DTM: Betsy Wills, Sayeed Shaikh.  This completes the six educational goal requirements for the Distinguished Club Plan.   Members achieving educational awards for other clubs were:  Sayeed Shaikh (CC, DTM), Chuck Weck (ALS and DTM); and Betsy Wills (ALS).  Congratulations and keep achieving.


Speakathons are available to the members when desired, and provide members with the opportunity to get additional speaking opportunities. Oral and written evaluations are provided. Scheduling at the speakathon is based on a first come, first speaker basis. Speakathons generally start prior to the regular meeting, at around 4:00 PM. If you wish to participate in a Speakathon, contact Sayeed  


We wish success to our 18 new members since July 1:  Randy Brown, Beth Davidson,  Karye Hood,  Veronica Enriquez, Marilyn Fay, Wilson Kao, Tomoko Misawa, Keith Montgomery, Srinivas Rani, Elizabeth Rothner,  Lois Sicking, Rania Sultan, Javier Torrez, and Tom Vastine. Members who joined in December and January were Jennifer Davis, Yolanda Anderson, Robin Owens, and Peter Geissler.  Those joining in March and April were Leah Horowitz, Loveless Murinda, and Angelica Currie.  A Welcome to all to the "Bestest Club in the World".


The next executive committee meeting will be Sunday, July 15 at 4:30 p.m. at the Claremont Forum.



Club 7213 celebrated its 17th anniversary on Sunday March 4, 2007. The celebration began with a Pot Luck at 4:30 PM, and the regular meeting format was the same as usual. There were speeches by Chuck Weck, Club Sponsor; by Rose Nicewarner, Charter Member; and by Richard Snyder, Club Coach - 1991; who presented their recollections about the past history of the club.


WE HAVE AGAIN ACHIEVED PRESIDENTS DISTINGUISHED STATUS DURING THE 2006-2007 TERM, ACHIEVING ALL TEN GOALS REQUIRED. PREVIOUSLY, WE HAVE BEEN PRESIDENT'S DISTINGUISHED UNDER THE NEW PLAN FROM ITS INCEPTION IN 2002 UP TO THE PRESENT. PRIOR TO THAT WE  ACHIEVED TOP FIVE CLUB STATUS IN 1998-1999, FINISHING #3 IN THE WORLD IN THE 30-39 CATEGORY; TOP FIVE CLUB STATUS IN 1993-1994 (5TH PLACE IN 20-29 CATEGORY), 1995-1996 (2ND PLACE IN 30-39 CATEGORY), and 1996-1997/1997-1998 (1ST PLACE IN 30-39 CATEGORY). Thus, we achieved Top Five Status five of the last six years that Toastmasters International had the Top Five recognition program. The picture shows members of the club accepting the Top Five plaque from the International President at the 1998 International Convention.

In the 1998-1999 term, Club 7213 achieved Top Club in the District based on Club Success Plan points in the final year in which this award was presented. Our club was presented with a traveling plaque (which will be kept permanently) at the District 12 Conference held in November 1999. Of the 10 years that District 12 gave this award, only two clubs achieved Top District Club. Club 7213 won it six times, and Club 4062 of Palm Springs won it four times. Members - Keep achieving!!!

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