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Welcome to PUFFPOP! This is an ongoing effort to list all of the pop-culture references and in-jokes that make The Powerpuff Girls—the show (including the Christmas 2003 special), the movie, and the comic books—so fun for adult fans. You'll also find a list of Powerpuff references in other TV shows and movies.

I want to make this site as useful as possible for you, whether you're a diehard Powerpuff Girls fan or can't tell Blossom from Mojo Jojo. Contributions, comments, suggestions, etc. are always welcome—e-mail me at I normally update the site as I receive contributions, but there's always the possibility of delay, so don't worry if your references aren't posted immediately. Important: Please be sure to put [PUFFPOP] at the beginning of your subject line so I don't miss your contribution.

The original contributors are listed in brackets. As the editor, I have changed wordings and added information as necessary. Episodes are numbered as season-show-episode, and are listed in the order they were originally shown on Cartoon Network in the US. Each issue of the comic series is listed by its issue number and issue date as printed on the cover; issues with two stories are listed as, for example, #1A and #1B.

Enjoy, and once again, welcome!

Chris Allen [CJA], Editor


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