References in the Powerpuff Girls Comics

Issue #1: Squirrelly Burly (May 2000)

Issue #2: Buttercup's Boyfriend (June 2000)

Issue #3: Power Play (July 2000)

Issue #4: Video Maim (August 2000)

Issue #5: Holy Molar (September 2000)

Issue #6: Dial "M" for Mojo (October 2000)

  • Title plays on the movie Dial "M" for Murder. [CJA]

Issue #7: Remote Controlled (November 2000)

Issue #8: Mayor, May I? (December 2000)

Issue #9A: Creature at Large! (January 2001)

Issue #9B: Blowing Bubbles

Issue #10: Rogue Clowns (February 2001)

Issue #11: Shutter Bug (March 2001)

Issue #12: Snow Day (April 2001)

Issue #13A: Paranoid Puffs (May 2001)

Issue #13B: Beat the Stuffings

Issue #14: Gone Squiggly (June 2001)

Issue #15A: Shore Thing (July 2001)

Issue #15B: Powerpuff Picasso

Issue #16A: Hell Toupee (August 2001)

Issue #16B: Five Green Vandals

Issue #17: Bedcrime Story (September 2001)

Issue #18: The Trouble with Bubbles (October 2001)

  • Title may be a reference to the Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles." [CJA]

Issue #19A: Mojo Dojo (November 2001)

Issue #19B: Now & Zen

Issue #20: Bow Jest (December 2001)

  • Title plays on the movie Beau Geste. [CJA]

Issue #21: Big Fish Story (January 2002)

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Issue #22A: My Fair Fuzzy (February 2002)

Issue #22B: Brat Worst

Issue #23: Amoeba Las Vegas! (March 2002)

  • Title plays on the movie Viva Las Vegas! [CJA]

Issue #24: The Bride of Mojo Jojo (April 2002)

Issue #25: Lite Frite (May 2002)

  • Title plays on the Lite Brite children's toy. [CJA]

Issue #26A: Scout Coup (June 2002)

Issue #26B: Roughin' It

Issue #27: Bless This Mess (July 2002)

Issue #28A: Princess for a Day (August 2002)

Issue #28B: Mild Kingdom

  • Title plays on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. [CJA]

Issue #29A: Helliday (October 2002)

Issue #29B: Who's Afraid of the Closet Monster?

Issue #30A: Chain of Fools (November 2002)

Issue #30B: Monkey See, Monkey Dough

Issue #31: Trick or Beatings! (December 2002)

Issue #32: Jelly Jam (January 2003)

Issue #33A: Like It or Lumpkins (February 2003)

Issue #33B: Eeny Meany Mini Mojo

Issue #34A: Spellbound (March 2003)

Issue #34B: Tragic Marker

Issue #35: It's Sleazy Being Green (April 2003)

  • Title plays on the song "It's Not Easy Being Green." [CJA]

Issue #36A: Beauty Is Him Deep (May 2003)

Issue #36B: Powerful Pretty

Issue #37A: Slayhem Mayhem (June 2003)

Issue #37B: Rock, Girls, Rock!

Issue #38: TV or Not TV (July 2003)

Issue #39A: No Business Like Snow Business (August 2003)

Issue #39B: Stared Straight

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Issue #40: Everything You Know About the Powerpuff Girls Is Wrong! (September 2003)

  • This story contains parodies of the origin stories of Superman, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four. [Chris Cook]

Issue #41A: Pizza My Heart (October 2003)

Issue #41B: Absolutely Absorbing

Issue #42A: The Eyes Have It (November 2003)

Issue #42B: Knit One, Purl Doom

Issue #43: Power Picnic (December 2003)

Issue #44: Reigning Cats and Dogs (January 2004)

Issue #45A: Snack Sneak (February 2004)
Princess brings some rather suspect snacks to school.

Issue #45B: Moon Over My Townsville
The citizens of Townsville show where the word "lunatic" comes from, no thanks to Mojo Jojo.

Issue #46A: See You Later, Narrator (March 2004)
Mojo Jojo kidnaps the comic book's narrator and forces him to read a Mojo-flattering script.

Issue #46B: Sock It to Me
The Gangreen Gang steals one sock from each pair people own.

Issue #47A: Prank Rankers (April 2004)
The Gangreen Gang decides to hold a prank-pulling contest.

  • Title plays on Comedy Central's Crank Yankers series. [Wing Diamond]

Issue #47B: Pickle Sickles
More Gangreen shenanigans, this time involving pickle-flavored Popsicles.

Issue #48A: Drama-O-Rama (May 2004)
Sedusa produces her own reality TV series.

Issue #48B: Everything Must Go
Mojo Jojo holds a garage sale.

Issue #49A: Amoeba Prime (June 2004)
The Amoeba Boys try to get onto a carnival ride they're too short for.

Issue #49B: Amoeba Butter and Jelly
The Powerpuff Girls become stupid after eating peanut butter contaminated by the Amoeba Boys, who fell asleep in the peanut butter jar.

Issue #50: Deja View (July 2004)
The girls enter an alternate universe in which they are the villains. Based on the cancelled TV episode.

  • On page 29, Brat drags the SS Minnow from Gilligan's Island down the streets of Townsville. [CJA]

Issue #51A: One Lumkins or Two? (August 2004)
Fuzzy Lumkins is accidentally cloned by Mojo Jojo's hazardous waste.

Issue #51B: Funny Feet
Mojo Jojo creates a device worn on his head that makes everyone dizzy.

Issue #52A: Endless Recess (September 2004)
Princess takes over the playground after locking the girls and Ms Keane in a force cage.

Issue #52B: Clay Fray
Buttercup's clay statue + hazardous waste (again) = tons o' mayhem.

Issue #52C: Suddenly, Everything Went Fuzzy
Fuzzy's sneezing turns everyone in Townsville into a Lumkins. (NOTE: This is not a misprint; issue #52 does, indeed, have three stories instead of two.)

Issue #53: Oh, Spray, Can You Flee? (October 2004)
A scientist moves in next door to the girls and creates a spray that repels criminals.

Issue #54A: Fish Fight (November 2004)
Nuclear waste turns an ordinary fish into a monster. Now it's rampaging through Townsville and looking for revenge on the girls for catching it.

Issue #54B: Madcap Mojo
Mojo Jojo gives out weird mind-altering chapeaux.

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