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The Powerpuff Girls Movie

  • The spices the Professor buys in the opening sequence are parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme—a reference to the folksong "Scarborough Fair," as sung by Simon and Garfunkel. [Parsec, Alan Back, Robert Hutchinson]
  • "PPG-801," the movie's production number, appears several times throughout the movie, either in full or as the number "801":
    —on Mojo's blueprints [SailorButtercup]
    —on the front of a building during the tag sequence [Screwy Wabbit]
    —in the bottom corner of the screen on one of the newscasts the girls watch in the store window [CJA]
  • Mojo's newspaper is dated 3 July 2002, the movie's opening date in the US. [Screwy Wabbit]
  • The Aqua Teen Hunger Force appears on one of the TV screens the girls watch while walking home. [Screwy Wabbit]
  • Craig McCracken's picture appears in the masthead of Mojo's newspaper. [Alan Back]
  • The "newsflash" logo shown on the large TV in the store window is from "Muppet News" on Sesame Street. [BlossomBoi]
  • The back page of Mojo's newspaper  has a black-and-white rendering of a picture depicting the rock group Gorillaz. [raymia]
  • When Mo' Mojo climbs the skyscraper, he rips a portion of it away to reveal the movie's production crew. [raymia]
  • One of the TV shows the girls watch in the store window is Incorrect Politics, a takeoff on ABC's Politically Incorrect. [Schmappy]
  • The green-Mohawked guy on Incorrect Politics is "2D" of Gorillaz. [raymia]
  • The two men being interviewed about the girls' tag game may be Jay and Silent Bob. [raymia]
  • "Jay's" conversation consists of nothing but Van Halen lyrics. The Van Halen logo also appears on the crashed van behind him. [CJA]
  • Hacha Chacha, the proboscis monkey, is based on Jimmy Durante. [CJA]
  • The flying, spitting monkeys are from The Wizard of Oz. Their name, the Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos, comes from the tune of the march played as the Winkie soldiers change the guard outside the Wicked Witch's castle. [CJA, Parsec, Chris Cook]
  • The girls strike the famous "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" pose before leaving the asteroid. [CJA]
  • The "Dear Donna" column on the back page of Mojo's newspaper is by Donna Castricone, the movie's producer. [dstankalis]
  • The news station "CTN" is AOL Time Warner's code for Cartoon Network. [livingfruitvirus]
  • A signpost in the Townsville Zoo reads "Lions/Tigers/Bears," a reference to The Wizard of Oz. [Glenn Leider]
  • Buttercup's line "Get your hands off him, you darn dirty ape!" is from Planet of the Apes. [SailorButtercup]
  • As Buttercup dives underwater to rescue Talking Dog, we see a can of  "Dapper Dan" next to him, referring to the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? [ixnay37]
  • One of the newscasters says the girls did $25 million in damage during their tag game. This was the amount originally budgeted for the movie. [OldFogey]
  • At one point during the tag game, Blossom starts running along the streets, and the camera shows a first person perspective of her making near instantaneous right-angle turns. This is a takeoff on the Light Cycle sequence from the movie Tron. [Carl Banks]

'Twas the Fight Before Christmas

  • Buttercup's line about the "Red Ryder" BB gun and Princess' reply "You'll shoot your eye out" are from A Christmas Story. [CJA, Frank Lhota]
  • Santa's coffee mug is labeled "Old Nick," another name for Satan. [Foxbat 3]
  • The Permanent Naughty List includes the name "Adolph Schickelgruber," better known as Adolf Hitler. (And a more understated choice I don't think you'll find.) [CJA]
  • The names "Bill McCracken," "Ryan Faust," and "Stephen Ponti" are also found on the PNL. "McCracken" and "Faust" are, of course, references to Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust, respectively, while Ponti is a writer for the show. [Frank Lhota]
  • While the girls are chasing her to the North Pole, Princess hits Buttercup repeatedly, causing Buttercup to yell "Ow! Quit it!"—what Bart yells in The Simpsons' first Christmas episode when Lisa keeps hitting him after he gets a tattoo. [Jaded Otaku]

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