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Use CAUTION with radar and other images obtained from the Internet.
Always check date & time of information & images.
Displayed images may not accurately show current conditions.

NOTE: (IR = Infra-red - VIS = Visible - WV = Water Vapor)

Converting UTC/GMT to Eastern Standard Time
Subtract 5 hours from UTC - (EX: 1500 UTC = 10:00 AM EST)
More info about UTC and WWV.

 USA & Western Hemisphere Weather - Satellite...

The GOES-EAST satellite is stationed over 75 degrees West longitude and operates as NOAA's "eastern" satellite. The GOES-WEST satellite is stationed over 135 degrees West longitude and operates as NOAA's "western" satellite. GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST Coverage Area.
First image from GOES-11 which was launched 3 May 2000.

[Green Dot]  POES Sea Surface Temperatures - Atlantic Ocean - NOAA SSD.
     POES Sea Surface Temperatures - Pacific Ocean - NOAA SSD.

[Green Dot]  NASA GHCC Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite - Home
     (You can click on these on these images to enlarge a specific portion
     of the image.) Geostationary Satellite Server
     USA - Infrared - Interactive GOES-East.
     USA - Visible 1 km - Interactive GOES-East.
     USA - Water Vapor - Interactive GOES-East.
     Global Composite Water Vapor - Interactive.
     Global Composite IR - Interactive.

[Green Dot]  GOES - Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image - NOAA -
     Eastern Conus Sector (Infrared Channel) - Color Enhanced Image #1.
     GOES - Eastern US SECTOR Water Vapor Image - NOAA -
     Eastern Conus Sector (Water Vapor Channel) - Color Enhanced Image #1.

[Green Dot]  GOES - Western US SECTOR Infrared Image - NOAA -
     Western Conus Sector (Infrared Channel) - Color Enhanced Image #1.
     GOES - Western US SECTOR Water Vapor Image - NOAA -
     Western Conus Sector (Water Vapor Channel) - Color Enhanced Image #1.

     Each of the above URLs - Eastern and Western - have three additional images.

[Green Dot]  Hurricane Sector - GOES EAST - SE USA & Atlantic Ocean
  • SE USA & Atlantic Hurricane Sector GOES-East IR Images - NOAA.
  • SE USA & Atlantic Hurricane Sector GOES-East VIS Images - NOAA.
  • SE USA & Atlantic Hurricane Sector GOES-East WV Images - NOAA.
  • [Green Dot]  The Weather Channel - Satellite - USA
  • Northwest Satellite         North Central Satellite     Northeast Satellite        
  • West Central Satellite    Central Satellite                East Central Satellite        
  • Southwest Satellite         South Central Satellite      Southeast Satellite
  • USA IR Satellite - Small - 277x187.
  • USA IR Satellite - Large - 720x486.
  • USA VIS Satellite - Large - 720x486.
  • USA WV Satellite - Large - 720x486.

  • Alaska Satellite - Large - 720x486.
  • Hawaii Satellite - Large - 720x486.
  • West Coast to Hawaii Satellite - 720x486.
  • These three images show the coastline from Chesapeake Bay South and West to the southern tip of Texas.
    [Green Dot]  Satellite - Chesapeake Bay to Florida - VIS (Daylight Only).
         Satellite - Florida - VIS (Daylight Only).
         Satellite - Western Louisiana to Southern Texas - VIS (Daylight Only).
    NOTE: To see these images and other areas in the USA, go to Satellite Page and click on the code in the USA image-map for the area you would like to view. From Real-Time Weather Data. Radar Page

    [Green Dot]  GOES-EAST - IR - USA/Northern Canada to Equator -
         Unisys (formerly Purdue Weather).
         GOES-EAST - VIS
         GOES-EAST - WV
         GOES-WEST - IR
         GOES-WEST - VIS
         GOES-WEST - WV

    [Green Dot]  USA - WEST - 4km IR - NWS - Western USA from Canada to Mexico.
         USA - WEST - 4km VIS - NWS - Western USA - Canada to Mexico.
         USA - WEST - 4km WV - NWS - Western USA - Canada to Mexico.
         NWS - Salt Lake City - Satellite Index.

    [Green Dot]  Full Disk and Composite Images - NOAA GOES-East/West.

    [Green Dot]  These Full Disk images cover from North Pole to South Pole, North &
         South American to West Coast of Africa & to Hawaii - From Colorado State
         Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA).
         Full Disk - GOES-East Visible Image - Daylight Only.
         Full Disk - GOES-East Water Vapor Image
         Full Disk - GOES-East Longwave Image
         Full Disk - GOES-West Visible - Daylight Only.
         Full Disk - GOES-West Water Vapor
         Full Disk - GOES-West Longwave

    [Green Dot]  Earth-disc - GOES-East IR - GEIR - North & South America.
         Earth-disc - GOES-East VIS - GEVS - North & South America.
         Earth-disc - GOES-West IR - GWIR - Eastern Pacific Ocean (North & South) from
         Earth-disc - GOES-West VIS - GWVS - West Coast of North America to West of Hawaii.

    [Green Dot]  UM Weather - Satellite Page - U. of Michigan.

    [Green Dot]  University of Hawaii - Department of Meteorology.

    [Green Dot]  Honolulu, Hawaii - NWS Forecast Office - The Weather Forecast Office becomes the
         Central Pacific Hurricane Center when there is a tropical system in the central Pacific.
         Radar - Mosaic - Hawaii Doppler Radar.
         Satellite Imagery - State of Hawaii
         NWS Pacific Region Headquarters

    [Green Dot]  National Weather Service Homepage - Click on the NWS location button
         in the graphic for NWS infomation for that area.

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     USA & Western Hemisphere Weather - Radar...

    [Green Dot]  Real Time Weather Data - USA - Radar Page.
    [Green Dot]  SFSU - USA - Radar Summary.
    [Green Dot]  UM Weather - Radar Page.
    [Green Dot]  Radar - Mosaic - Hawaii Doppler Radar.

    [Green Dot]  The Weather Channel - Radar - USA
  • Northwest Radar         North Central Radar      Northeast Radar
  • West Central Radar    Central USA Radar        East Central Radar
  • Southwest Radar         South Central Radar      Southeast USA Radar

  • USA Doppler Radar (Small)
  • USA Doppler Radar (Large)
  • USA Doppler Radar (Winter-Large)
  • [Green Dot]  Radars - Mexico Radar Page.

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     USA & Western Hemisphere Weather - Other...

    [Green Dot]  Jet Stream - North America - From San Francisco State University -
         300 mb Jet Stream Analysis - MRF 24-hour Model.
    [Green Dot]  Jet Stream - Northern Hemisphere - 300 mb Jet Stream Analysis.
    [Green Dot]  Jet Stream - Eastern Pacific - Hawaii to Western USA - 300 mb
         Jet Stream Analysis.

    [Green Dot]  USA - Current Temperature Map - The Weather Channel.
         USA - Surface Map - Weather Channel - Pressure, Fronts & Radar.
         USA - Winds - Weather Channel - 5,000 Foot Winds Aloft
         USA - Winds - Weather Channel - 10,000 Foot Winds Aloft
         USA - Winds - Weather Channel - 34,000 Foot Winds Aloft

    [Green Dot]  USA - Wind Speed (kts) / MSLP (mb)
         USA - Temperature (F)
         USA - Dewpoint Temperature (F)

    [Green Dot]  USA - Cloud Tops - From SSEC.
    [Green Dot]  Snow Cover Analysis - NOAA-NESDID - UCAR.

    [Green Dot]  USA-NE - Surface Relative Humidity
         USA-NE - Sea-Level Pressure (mb)
         USA-NE - Surface Streamline Analysis (knots)

    [Green Dot]  Northeast Regional Climate Center - Current Surface Weather.
         Northeast Regional Climate Center - WX & Climate Links.
         Northeast Regional Climate Center - WX & Climate Educational Links.

    [Green Dot]  FloodRisk - USA - An color map of USA indicating
         by county 5 categories of forecasted flood danger over next 24 hours.
         FloodThreat - USA - A color map of USA from
         indicating by county how much rain is required over any 3-hour period
         within the next 24 hours to cause flooding.

    [Green Dot]  The Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) has changed their Web site and offers
         a wide variety of weather information. The first three links below also provide access to
         additional weather information not linked to here.
         Satellite Index - (medium format suggested)
         Radar Index
         Weather Maps & Charts Index - Analysis and Forecast Products.
         North America Jet Stream

         Environment Canada's Green Lane - Welcome to Environment Canada's
         Internet Resource for weather and environmental information.

         Canadian Weather - Weatheroffice Homepage - Get the latest weather conditions, forecasts
         and meteorological information from Environment Canada.

    [Green Dot]  Satellite - Mexico-IR - USA to South America - CNA/SMN.
         Satellite - Mexico-VIS - USA to South America - CNA/SMN.
         Satellite - Mexico-WV - USA to South America - CNA/SMN.

    [Green Dot]  Satellite - GOES-East IR 640x480 Loop - Color - USA, Canada, Mexico,
         Gulf of Mexico, Northern Caribbean, and Western Atlantic Ocean.
         Satellite - GOES-East IR - Color - Coverage same as above link.
         Satellite - GOES-East Visible - Color - Daylight only - Coverage same
         as above, plus fronts are displayed.

    [Green Dot]  GOES-East - Full Disk - North America & South America.
         GOES-East - North America - North America to North Caribbean.
         GOES-East - USA (EAST) & Gulf of Mexico - Latest Color (False).
         GOES-East - Florida - Color (False color - Check Date at Bottom).

    [Green Dot]  National Weather Service Homepages - Click on the NWS location
         button in the graphic for NWS infomation for that area.

    [Green Dot]  Meteorology: Marine and Tropical Weather - WWW Virtual Library.
         Meteorology - Index

    [Green Dot]  NOAA - NCDC - Satellite's Eye Art Gallery.

    [Green Dot]

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