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The Earth is our home. Continued abuse forces more and more life into homelessness and extinction. What happens when we're all homeless too?

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Adopting a whale helps the IWC (International Wildlife Coalition) protect marine mammals. Some of the projects they are involved in include moving stranded whales and dolphins back into the water, studying whales at sea, giving emergency care, assisting in detanglements, discourating whale harassment, and working to protect the ocean environment.

Seal: This big boy lives on the east coast and has been "my whale" for several years. He was born in 1984 and is the son of Mars. He was named for a pigmentation pattern on the right half of his fluke that resembles a seal pup. He has been seen in both breeding and feeding areas at each end of this long yearly migration. Some scientists believe that he may have damaged his dorsal fin while in a "rowdy group" of males competing for the favors of a female. It seems that some traits are universal! Seal went down in research history in 1991 when he was tagbged with a satellite transmitter. This project provided the first long-term tracking of free-swimming humback whales. Active and frequently seen, Seal has been spotted every year since birth.

Contact the Whale Adoption Project to adopt your own -- or give it as a gift.

Other Whale links: 
World Wide Whales
Whale Watching Web 

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Big Cats

Wildlife on Easy Street is a non-profit organization in Tampa, Florida that provides a home for more than 270 exotic animals.  These animals have been abandoned or rescued from abusive homes, fur farms, confiscated in drug busts, etc.  The group is run entirely by volunteers and every penny of donations received goes to benefit the animals.  If you're looking for something really different to do, take a tour - it's an experience you won't forget.

Florida Panthers - There are only a very few of these beautiful animals left.

Florida Panther Net Very comprehensive. 
Florida Panther Recovery Program

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Check out these links for information on these friendly giants:

Save the Manatee Club
Website for Manatee Watchers 

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Florida Everglades

Follow these for information:

FIU Everglades Gateway - Restoration programs 
Everglades National Park
Everglades Digital Library 

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Diving - One more reason to preserve the Environment

I took my first dive last year in the Cayman Islands. The natural beauty and the warm caribbean sea combined to make one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. Keeping the waters pristine for human enjoyment is just one reason for environmental preservation.
The first Plunge - A picture of me stepping off for my first dive - in the Caymans. 
Down Under - Another picture of me - Underwater in the Caymans. 
Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine

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